Signal passes through AVR

Hello all,

I have an Arcam AVR600 which I use for movies/music but also as a distribution center to feed several integrated amps. The signals entering and exiting the Arcam are all analog and exit via the fixed-level outputs. Toggling volume or processing options on the Arcam has no effect on the output signal.

So my question is, is the signal being altered by passing through the Arcam vs if I ran the signal directly to the integrateds?

I like to option of using the Arcam as a central hub/distribution center as I frequently change out integrated amps downstream from it and I would like to have all sources available to each integrated.
I guess you could try it both ways and see which you prefer...

That thought did occur to me - I'm looking for opinions on whether to expect any sort of signal degradation. I understand that splitting a signal or introducing unnecessary components into the signal path is generally a no-no in hifi but this would appear to me to be a simple pass thru - unless I am mistaken.
After testing, I don't notice any difference. I guess if there is no signal processing, there is no change.