signal generators and...

Is there a device that can show me numerically what frequency I am generating at a given time.I am using a rolls signal generator and while it works fine I would like to see where the problems are and solve them with a parametric eq.I'm figuring it would have to run parallel with the signal output.This would make it easier to kill room modes faster.
What you need is called a frequency counter.
Do a search, the better manufacturers include Agilent Technologies (formally Hewlett/Packard) and Fluke.
KG: If you can hook up a cable from the line level out of your computer, you can download a program off the net. While this might not be exactly what you were looking for, it might give you what you want with little to no further expenditure. Even if you don't need it now, it may come in handy later.

Head over to Marchand and download their FG Lite.exe program on this page. The FG stands for Function Generator and it allows you to generate a sine, square or triangle waveform at any given frequency that you want. Simply program in a frequency, select the type of waveform and have at it. You can even do pre-programmed sweeps starting at XX Hz and stopping at XXX Hz if you like. If you want to get "crazy", you can generate very complex waveforms by having multiple signals going. This is done by opening up several different FG's at one time and programming them individually. Real cool stuff, all for free from Marchand.

If you want to go another route, i would highly suggest purchasing a very versatile tool that will pay for itself in the long run. That is, take a gander at a decent multimeter with a frequency counter built into it. The Tenma 72-4025 will will do just about anything that you'll ever need or want for "tinkering" and won't break the bank. It is a multi function Digital Multi-Meter of more than reasonable accuracy for what you want. It can measure voltage, resistance, current, capacitance, frequency, transistor's, digital logic, diode's, continuity, etc... AND it does it all for $39.99!!! Talk about the "trickle down" effect of technology!!! The first DMM that i bought that could do all of this was over $600 MSRP!!! For the record, i was able to find it for $130 brand new. I'm good like that : )

I hope this helps. I'm always glad to see someone striving towards a better understanding of audio and being able to fix their own problems. A better understanding of what you are dealing with not only helps you solve such problems, it will also help you to "de-bunk" a lot of what you are told by so-called "experts" on the subject. Believe me, once you start getting your hands dirty and understanding what is going on in your room and equipment, you'll never read another review with the same frame of mind ever again. Sean
But's digital.. :)
For most people doing casual tinkering, digital is better as it leaves less room for error when interpreting the data. For those of us designing and / or repairing gear that need to monitor and follow trends in actual performance, analogue is the way to go. Then again, i don't know of any analogue based gear that offers this quantity of features, performance and precision at anywhere near this price. This should tell you that "digital" is just another method of "price reduction due to ease of manufacturing", it doesn't necessarily make things "better" or "more accurate" in the grander scheme of things.

Now if you want to talk about SPL meter's and what i would recommend for the money spent, .... : ) Sean
Sean...Is "analogue" much better than "analog"?
Analogue is actually the original spelling of this word. If you doubt this, take a look at this link about the word analogue and see which version is the original and which is a variant. As such, i prefer to use the proper spelling as it has so much more "flavour". I leave the other "cheaper, shorter" version for the "commoners" : ) Sean
Yea verily, thou art correct.

But pedantic. (Look that one up).
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Kg, Are you using the Rolls MO2020 generator? I have one and it is a great tool. In general, all you need is a sine wave generator and SPL meter. If you really want to go at it, a frequency counter and the above mention would give you best results.

Yes I have the same rolls as you.It is a great unit but, what I think is happening while I am sweeping the bass frequencies and adjusting room modes with my parametric is....
I'm not catching the whole mode and just taking a slice of the middle.The Q is too narrow.What I would like to do is plot the room from 20-80hz.Then adjust the room modes, width proper.Sounds crazy but I'm a freak about the bass and something is wrong.I will be able to see the mode rise and fall.I have two that are close together due to the rooms 13.5 x 15.5 lenth and width.Sean gave me a great link to a multimeter that has a frequency counter built in.I can now donate my old Army multimeter to a friend and pickup the Tenma 72-4025.We shall see...39.95 what a deal.
Kg, what do you have other than the rolls? Are you using a SPL meter? What kind of speakers are they? Model? Floorstanders or bookshelfs? These could be some of the factors to consider but judging by the dimensions it look like is your room. Placing bass traps would help. A cube room is the worse place for bass modes because you have the same resonance in all six surfaces. If you want to learn more, go to Rives Audio. They have a ton of useful information. Alfredo
At this point I'm using stand mount monitors.All spkrs are set to small and xover at 80hz.It is quite simple to trouble shoot a room were the bass is xover to a single bass channel(LFE).What I would like is to get a better picture of the peaks and dips.At this point I can see them on my spl meter but I don't have a clue what frequency they are.Those test discs space the signals too far a part and it is difficult if not impossible to sweep.Once I get a frequency counter I can sweep and see what frequency and monitor with the spl meter.While I comment rives for his product and all his wisdom,analog parametrics have been around for years and to price a two ch. with only three bands per ch. at the price he charges I think he should drop the price.I would suggest a pro type for the sub and an eq for the mains.Just my opinion.He is a manufacturer who is overstepping his bounds in these forums.I don't know of any other manufacturer who advertises through forum posts.IMHO.
Kg, go to Partsexpress and look up the Neutrik MR1 and Goldline TS-2. In fact, the Goldline TS-2 has a frequency counter, sine wave generator, and a SPL meter all in one.Alfredo