Signal Cables vs cardas

I just received an order from Frank at Signal cable of the Silver interconnects and digital cable as well as his analog 2 interconnects and copper digital cable. I previously had Cardas Golden Reference and Lightning 15 dig cable in my system and right out of the box the Signals sounded better. The Silver Dig cable and silver interconnects were a little too bright when paired togeather but the silver dig cable with the analog 2s sounds fantastic and the cables arent even broken in yet. Has anyone compared these cables to any other high priced cables and had similar results? If you are looking for some budget cables these are the ones. I cant imagine there are cables anywhere to their price range that can compare.
yes; i'd second your opinion. Frank makes a great product for the money. His power cords are excellent for the money. His ICs work best in faster, brighter systems. They can really smooth out a glare-y CDP or hyper-accurate SS amp. I think they are a little dull with tube amps and more laid back speakers.