Signal cables...analog 1 or 2?

Has anyone compared the Signal cable analog 1 and analog 2 ic? I'm considering the Signal cable brand to use on the video side of my system. I'd use them from a Sony dvd to a Musical Fidelity x10-d and to preamp, from a vcr to pre, and from a Denon tuner to the pre. Is the Signal cable a good choice or is there any other brands in the same price range I should consider? Thanks in advance for any input.
I use both Analog One's and Analog Two's and like them very much. Honestly, I can't hear the difference. The Analog One's are more flexible, and for that reason I'd probably purchase Analog One's if I needed additional interconnects. They are a great value.
I use both as well.

I have only crtically listened to the 2s. The 1s run from Sat. tuner to pre, 2s from CDP and DAC to pre. The 2s sound great, besting PBJs, Monster ref 2s, Transparent Musiclink 100s and 200s.

They represent a great bargain IMO. The 2s are only 10 or so dollars more. Go for it.
You may wish to read the rave review in the latest "issue" at
I compared the two and think the 1 is sonically better than the 2.
Thanks for all of the responses so far. How would you describe the difference between the 1 and 2 Bob Gates?