Signal Cable Spade Question

Hi all,
Anyone know whether the spade lugs offered by Signal Cable would be a good fit for a current McIntosh amplifier?

I have an Mc252 (with very large binding posts). From the pictures on the SC web site, it appears that the spades might be a bit small(?)

Anyone have experience with Signal Cables and McIntosh? Thanks much
Send email to Signal Cable and ask. Frank is always helpful.

When I had an MC252, I found that banana plugs were much easier to use. The binding posts were a big PITA on that amp.
Thanks guys,
Larry, Frank doesn't seem to know whether they would fit...
thanks anyway
I've got a MAC 4300v and Frank fitted my spades perfectly on a pair of Ultra Speaker cables. They sound great!
Call / ask Mac? At the very least, Mac can cough up some dimensions to ease your search.