Signal Cable Silver Res. vs. Cardas Golden Ref IC?

Has anyone heard the Signal Cable Silver Resolution vs. the Cardas Golden Reference (or Neutral Reference) Interconnects in the same system? If so, what did you think? I have the Silver Resolution and am considering changing over to the Golden Reference. I love what my Hexlink Golden 5-C speaker wire did for my system. Obviously, even at Audiogon prices, 2 pair of interconnects is around $700, so it won't be a cheap investment. Rest of system is Tyler Acoustics Linbrook Signature System, McCormack DNA-125 rev. Gold, and a Herron preamp. Thanks in advance!
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I just emailed you not realizing that you posted this concerning interconnects. You may find that the Cardas cables are a bit too warm. I've never heard the Signal Cable ICs.

Tvad makes a great point in buying used so that if they don't work out well in your system, you can resell them without too much of a loss or hopefully no loss at all.

Cardas golden anything are warm that is babsolutly tue. And the sound is fabulous, the tone, the timber. Yes it's a euphonic cable but it changed my almost giving up on this whole thing.
Silver is accurately sterotyped as being very fast, cleanerthan clean, almost crisp and a bit cool. I use it for phono cabling and a couple of front end power cables believe it or not .
Don't lock yourself into a corner think about what you want every element to add up to make great synergy.Thus take advantage of the qualities in both.
Hey I really dislike the fuzzy wuzzy British warmth, Cardas warth is detaled and clean it just sounds good. Remember that the term warm represents a rather broad catch all for richly toned spectrum of sound. Simply put it is quite variable.
A good Mullard old Blackburn tube is kind of warm but again very clear not distorted and detailed
I would be curious to hear how the Cardas cables (ICs) compare to the Purist Audio, same type of sound?