Signal Cable Silver Ref XLR

Any users of this piece, that have found the interconnect the is notably better?
Please, specify.
IMO, this cable is good on bass, good resolution and do not come with the brightness that is typical for many silver cables. I am looking to better this cable, not just subtle, really better it's performance.
What do you recommend?
I am only interested in balanced interconnect.
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In my experience, you will have to spend a lot of money to better this cable.
I own these cables as well. I too looked for XLR's that coule better my interconnect sound. I frequent a local audio shop and "loaned" a pair of Transparent cables costing $650.00. I brought them home and to my surprise within minutes I removed them from my system. I think the Signal Reference cables are a good component and probably not a weakness in my system particularly at my price range.

Interestingly, and speaking of spending money to improve sound, I also "borrowed" a King Cobra CX which sells for $3,500.00. To my surprise, the PC actually changed the fundamental sound of my saystem. So much in fact that I did not listen to my system for two weeks afterward to get over my shock. This was not just my opinion, my wife was also stunned by improvement.

Bottom line I suppose, to get better sound you are going to spend a good amount of cash.
Sgr, i had Transparent ultra at home. I did run it 7 days, about 5 hours a day. The cable were used, so it was burnt in. I had it home for a 14 day trial. When i called the seller and wanted to return it, they nagged about it. So, i did ran it on and off for 2 months. It was a degradation compaired to Silver Ref. I did find Silver Ref spendid with my former Teac P-70 and D-70 also. Used it with a few other IC's, all XLR. The Silver Ref came out as a winner. I am a little amazed. That is why i ask what is better. King Cobra i don't know about. What is that?
I am looking at trying some Audioquest, maybe Nordost. Though, i have noticed Nordost often sounds best in bloomy or dark sounding systems, mine is not. So, it might be a mismatch. I am looking for better 3-d, bass with impact but not to the point texture is missing in favour of a fuller more solid bass line. I also wouldn't like any stress or pronounced top end. I have no trouble in hearing what is a better cable, just finding them. I also found the magic power digital ref to be a great cable. When i bought mine, the Silver ref power chords were not existing. I have used these power chords for both pre and power amps aswell as dac/ transport and cdp. Works great. Most effect i noticed in the bass and lower mid. More air, better texture.
I agree with the posters raving about Signal Cable latest designs. I own the Silver Reference interconnects (RCAs), the speaker cables and the Magic power cords. All of them have significantly improved my system. No brightness, just more resolution and smoothness. The power cords beat a much more expensive Shunyata cord.
I don't know what beats them either, not that I've been on an exhaustive search of all the top cables. But I do know that in certain systems, they have bettered Audioquest, Synergistic Resolution Reference, and Nordost HDMI cable.
I'm sure in certain situations there are other cable combos that sound better. However, I'm replacing all of my current cables with Signal Cable products a little at a time. Has anyone used all Silver Resolution, power, interconnects, and speaker cables? The reviews I've read and according to Frank, using the Silver Resolution and Ultra II speaker cables is a great combo. I have a friend that has done this and his system sounds great. He now uses all Signal Cable in every conceieveable place in his system.
My recommendation, save your money and purchase better digital stuff, phono stuff, amps or preamps and enjoy your savings of mega bucks on cable!
Don't know about XLR, but I use RCAs from CD->TVC->AMP and have never ever thought about any other system. My entire connections are Signal Cable. I understand from some folks that they equal to Nordost SPMs, which are supposed to be superb cables. I compared my cables with loaned Nordost Blue Havens and you know what I have in my system now. Enjoy your music :-)
I bought several cables from them, Silver, Copper, RCA/XLR and I think I have 2 silver power cords, too. I also got them terminated with Eichmann plugs (RCAs).
In my opinion this is highly recommended. When someone does not have the cable bug ("only expensive ones can be good") here he can get- real - top performance for low/fair price. I agree with Sgr, when you go for them you have some money left for good electronics (which is usually the better way).