Signal Cable Reference speaker cable???

I saw an ad on AG for Signal Reference speaker Cable. Is anyone familiar with this company?? If so, has anyone tried their speaker cables. THERE ARE MODELS: Ultra and Silver Resolution. Like several budget priced cables, they are remarkably inexpensive. The question is how good are they?? How would they compare to the new Anti-Cable Level 3 speaker cable or Clearview Double Helix speaker cable offered by the Mapleshade Store, or even Wireworld's Oasis 7 model

I realize this is/may be all system dependent, but every component has a threshold of acceptable performance. Which might offer the best value for the money??. (The Wireworld and the Mapleshade cables are the most expensive at about $380-400 for a 10 foot single wire pair Thanks Jim
Signal Cable has been around for a pretty long time. I have
owned numerous cables from Frank. Excellent product and
value and Frank is a pleasure to deal with.

If you search the archives, there are ALOT of posts about
Signal Cable products. They have sold here on Audiogon for

Been using Signal Cable wires throughout my system since 2005. The Silver References are simply awesome and neutral. Very detailed and transparent. Phenomenal value for money. Highly recommended!
To Milpai, I e-mailed Frank after launching the thread, and he recommended the Ultras for my system which is fronted by a pair of Acoustic Zen speakers, driven by Red Dragon M-500 class D mono blocks. He felt that the Silver Resolution could be bright in my system.

What has been your experience in your system with the "Silver Resolution" speaker cable??? As you know, the Ultras are less expensive; however, I don't want to make a move sideways instead of up, I currently have a pair of Audio Art SC-5 speaker cables. They are entry level, and cost more than Signal Cable Ultra for a 12 ft pair. Thanks, Jim
Frank is very honest. The Silver Resolution can be on the bright side. A friend of mine tried both even though Frank also told him he would feel the Silver would be bright in his system. I was there when he tried them and the Ultra was the better of the two. These cables are a great buy.
Can't say enough about Frank. Great to deal with: honest. His cables are great for the price and well built. I've used them on and off for several years now. Screaming good value. Can't go wrong for the price. You can spend way more and get a lot less.
I switched from Nordost 4-Flat bi-wires to Signal Cable Silver Res bi-wires. This was a HUGE upgrade for me. My system does not sound bring at all. I feel, in my system, the Silvers serve me pretty well. I do not have the urge to upgrade these. I did loan a 20 feet Ultra bi-wires from Frank about 6 months back and preferred the Silvers.
You can request Frank for loaners, compare the cables and decide which ones you like.
As Jeffb28451 mentioned above, these are great deals when it comes to audio cables.
Had Signals, switched to Clear Day Cable found them to be more revealing
I double up Clear Day and Signal ultras on my biamp systems and they complement each other tremendously. I think the Ultras are the best value in Cables around.
To either Facten or Springbok10. Did you use the Clear Day single silver wire, or the Double Shotgun model?? Paul Laudati, and a few AG members claim there is a big difference between the two...the Double being much better. I did try the single Clear Day silver single and liked it a lot, but wanted to go to DS, but the cable was too much money,,,,also the price of silver had just gone up. Thanks, Jim
Sunntjim, I have the double shotguns in both of my systems, with Clear Day jumpers as well. Paul recommended going that route vs bi-wire
Double shotgun for both my systems too.