Signal Cable or Audio Art Cable for best budget...

ICs for pre/pro to power amp, and from DVD-HD player's 5.1 output to 5.1 input on pre/pro? Or, possibly another brand?

I would like to go with Venhaus Pulsars, but I think that is going to run into too much money.

My current five ICs from pre/pro to power amp are a set I got from Blue Jeans Cable some time ago for $75 for the whole set. They are described as "Belden 1505F".

If I went with Signal Cable, I could go with the Analog 1($36/pair) or Analog 2($49/pair). With Audio Art, I would probably have to go with the IC-1, since the IC-3 runs $90/1 meter pair.

Or, I could pop for a little more dough for the front 3 channels, and go less expensive on the surrounds.

I don't know much about cables or how good the Belden 1505F is, but my sound watching DVDs seems a little flat. Dialog and surround info seem somewhat incoherent.

Should I expect an improvement over the Blue Jeans Belden with something like the Signal or Audio Art cables?
Signal Cable Analog 1 and 2 are just dressed-up Belden cable. I don't know which raw cables are used though.
check out their prices are lower than signal or element.
I have no experience with Signal Cable, but I did replace VH Audio Pulsars with Audio Art IC-3's in my system, so I highly recommend the Audio Art. Talk to Audio Art and see what they might recommend.
Well, well! I just swapped out the Blue Jeans cable on the center channel with an old(about 10 years) Tara Labs RSC Prime ic that I had on hand. Whoa, the highs and the dialog were instantly clearer. Still not as good as I would like them, though.

This makes me think the Blue Jeans Belden cables are not that great. This is reinforcing my idea of changing out all 5 of the ics from the receiver to the power amp.

I am also thinking of de-spading the Speltz anti-cables that connect the center channel speaker, and connecting the bare wires.
If it were me, I'd go to, and buy IXOS XHA406's, and then have them all cryo'ed.
Keeping in mind 'bang for the buck'.
I own and use Signal Cable. That's amazing stuff for the money.
Hmm...thanks, never heard of those. I will check them out.
You might also want to look at Wireworld Rainbow and AZ Action. They make a 5.1 bundle that works really well. I'm using the Wireworld on my Denon 2900 for SACD and DVD-A. Sounds good to me.
Well, I did get a set of Audio Art Cable IC-1, and I'm pretty impressed. They are noticably clearer than the Blue Jeans cable, and smoother than the Tara Labs RSC Prime. The mids are very nice, but the highs are still there nicely.

What has made the most difference in the clarity of the center speaker is that I took the spades off my Anti-cables, and just connected the bare wire. This made more difference than the IC cables. Now, dialog is very easy to understand, and vocals are great.

I also just picked up a set of the Speltz Anti-ICs, and I am going to compare them to the Audio Arts.
mtrot, how did the speltz interconnects compare to the ic-1's? have you thought abot giving the ic-3's a shot?
Hi, I'm glad somebody followed up on this.

I tell you what. The Speltz anti-ics are unbelievable. It is like a veil is lifted. I get clarity, soundstaging, imaging, deep bass. All that stuff. Vocals are fabulous. I want to get another set of them with the upgraded connectors.

The IC-1s are pretty good, but when I installed the anti-ics, there was no doubt they were staying on my front main speakers.(I only have the one system for audio and video)

The IC-1s are very nice and smooth sounding. They have good frequency response, and are better than the set of Blue Jeans cables they replace. But the Speltz are just in another league.

The only thing the Speltz may lack compared to my Tara Labs RSC Prime is maybe the exteme top frequencies. But with everything else so good, I can live with that. Besides, I am not sure the Tara's high end is necessarily accurate.
Now try a pair of signal cable silver resolution - Ive never read a bad review of them...
Best budget??? Check out Great prices on Audioquest Copperhead and Coral Interconnects. JMelet
Just stumbled upon this thread, so if this reply is slightly late appologies. If you do decide to go with Signal Silver, I found they took quite a long time to break in. Very thin and harsh, at first, but became really relaxed and much more open after a VERY long burn-in. Buying them used will of course help.
Miralink is the best low cost interconnect I have tryed and sounds better to me than several of the big name ultra high priced interconnects I've listened to. A true bargain at less than $25 for a stereo pair. I purchased it on eBay.