Signal Cable -- High End Generic?

Searching the archive, I found some of you seem to think this guy and his company offer straightforward good value.

I have a weird grab bag assortment of cables inluding old MIT interconnects from SCD-1 to preamp, Monster Cable M-1 and M-1000 circa 1986 (Bruce Brissoon designed?)between amp and preamp and speakers, cheap entry level copper Monster cable connecting outboard crossovers to the Tympanis, and recently added the $50 giant yellow extension cord Home Depot tweak when I ran out of length on the speaker wire.

Nonetheless, the system still sounds pretty amazing, although my two complaints would be flat image and still a bit of glare on the top end, even with the tweaky resistors put in line as a treble attenuator.

So I am wondering if I buy Signal Cables:

best interconnects between pre and power amp
matching interconnects for SACD player

and matching

double run speaker cables with their spades and bananas (their copper line, not silver)


the signal cable "magic" power cords all around

What would you guess might happen to the glare, image depth and overall sound?

For a few hundred bucks, I guess I cant go too far wrong but would love any suggestions.
I like the Signal Cable's and think they are a real deal. I was using cardas quad link 5's speaker cables at 300.00 (8ft pair) and went to 35ft cables (280.00 4+ times longer) from Signal and my system is now more open, the sound stage is larger and more natural and overall is fantastic.

Maybe the other cable guys are charging you for there research and development? They do need to dream up the next reason for you to change cables.

No, $30 is not to much money at all. I thought that we were comparing the difference between the retail price of each cables which is: The AU retail price ($384) vs. retail Silver Reference price ($139). A difference of $245 does matter to me though...
I will give Frank a call if i know his web site. Can any one help here> Thanks
I will pile on here and endorse the Signal Cable 2 IC for 49$ a meter and no ridiculous charge for extra length. I find them on the very slightly warm side of near neutral and prefer them to some more expense ICs for certain applications. They are an incredible bargain. Thanks to those discussing the silver resolutions.
I'm using the Signal Silvers throughout my system. Very good reasonably priced stuff.