Signal Cable Analog 2

Thinking of buying the Signal Cable Analog 2 interconnects.
Anybody own them. Just wondering how good they sound. I read a
review in the forums where the guy said his monster 400 cables sounded better which i found strange.Are these cables not any good? I would like to hear from actual owners if possible.
Reviews are usually biased. Everybody likes the cables they have. Otherwise, they wouldn't have them. I like signal cables.They are a couple of steps better than anything I had before. I also like John Risch twisted pairs. Good luck. You don't have to break the bank to own good cables.
I like mine. Not as much as I like my Heimdall's, but they are good top to bottom and very dynamic.
I'm the guy that had the Analog 2's. Just didn't work in my system. Made everything sound dead and dull. Frank is awesome to deal with and today I received a trial set of his Silver Resolution. These I liked right off the bat. Compared to the Monster 400 I was using these had tighter bass, better clarity and resolution. I'm sure once they burn in they'll be even better. I'm getting a demo set of Nordost Red Dawn this Saturday and will compare to the Silver Res. I'll keep the one I like best and start enjoying music instead of trying to find the best cable for my budget. I'm using Signal's MagicPower cords and Ultra speaker cables, both real nice for me. FWIW- the Monster isn't half bad.
I will interject that there are instances when an inferior product may be perceived to sound better than a better-performing product. This happens when the inferior product masks the annoying flaws in a system where the better, more-resolving product simply "tells the truth." There are also a myriad of other factors that can explain why an inferior product may be favored over a higher-performance product.

I use several pairs of the SignalCable Analog 2 interconnects in my two systems and think it's one of the best buys in cables currently available. For whatever reason, I've found it to sound especially good when used in conjunction with SignalCable's Silver Resolution interconnects in another part of the same system.

I've had a lot of expensive cables in my system lately, like the Acoustic Zen Silver Reference IIs (sounded a bit bright for my taste) but I'm staying with my SignalCables, some Audio Metallurgy GA-0's, and an odd pair of Speltz Anti-Cables.

Like the first poster said, "you don't have to break the bank to own good cables."
I use the Signal cables as well, but can't tell you how they compare to Monster . The last time I remember using Monster was when they first came out. Since then ...the rest is history. The question would be like asking about a well known respected audiophile but inexpensive speaker compared to Bose, the only exception is that the pricier Monster cables have garnered less anymosity than Bose IMHO. I can tell you that I use a variety of alloys and different cables. Some are expensive such as the Cardas Golden Refs all copper BTW and some as inexpensive MAS Grey closeouts all silver BTW. They are each used for different component connections to achieve the sound I prefer. The question really is, are Signal Cables a worthwhile cable to experiment with? Unequivacably yes!
I have used/tried most of the stuff Frank sells and he has made numerous custom cables for me. I have used the analog one's and two's and have had good luck sonically with them. I had the blue sleeve on one pull back and sent it in - Frank fixed it for free. My HT system is pretty much all Signal cable.

Of all his products that I really like is the Silver Resolution IC's. It's the first cable I bought that really seemed to make a big difference. I liked them enough to go out and buy the silver resolution speaker cables but I didn’t care for the speaker cable (go figure). I think the logic mentioned above makes good sense. In my particular system ... for the music I enjoy ... the Silver Resolution cables have a great sound to me, for the money. I am starting to experiment again a bit. I bought some Cardas cables (neutral refs) and I'm considering trying Nordost Red Dawn. So far ... with a $200 cap the Signal Cable products are hard to beat.
I use the Signal Two's and really like them. I also have Frank's Ultra bi-wire speaker cable,Silver ic and power cords. At one time I was all AU 24 and I enjoy the Signal Cables quite a bit. Frank is great to deal with. The Signal One's are less warm and may compliment some systems better. I use them with my warm PSB speakers.

I have been using Franks cables paired with Plinius electronics and Martin Logans for some time now, and I am very happy with them. I have turned on some other people to them, and they are all very pleased. For the cannot beat them, and Frank is a prince of a guy to deal with.
I suggest you give Frank a call, and tell him what you're looking for. I've dealt with him over the phone, several times, I even visited the shop, and converse with his brother, who handles all orders. I can tell you, honestly, that all Signal products are all about performance, minus the exotic finish you get with other products. Fit and finish, in my opinion, are first class!
Frank is also very honest, and informative, about his products.
My first introduction with Signal Cables was their power cords, and then gradually went up the line with the IC's. Plato makes an interesting deduction by mentioning the Silver Res. line in conjunction with the copper line, Analogue 2's, which yields high performance, and very good synergy within the Signal line.
Hope this helps, and good luck.
Personally, I don't like the analog 2's. I have 3 pairs and found that on three different amps they sounded worse than cheap cables. They are very harsh to my ears and it's something I can clearly hear. OTOH, this is the first thread where I've heard anyone say anything negative about them. The heat shrink didn't stay on good on my 4 footer's so I'm not going to be able to resell them unless I send them back or something. My two pairs of two footers I'll probably sell.

I have some diy's I made out of Silversonic BL-1 cable with DH Labs connectors and some with WHT connecters and they sound as good as anything I've purchased. I've got some Zu Gede's on the way so I'll be seeing how those sound next week.

regards, David