sign.vandersteen with solid state w/without subs

i am using 2ce signature vandersteen speakers. i am using them with a good tube pre and power with a Q sub woofer. the midrange and highs are suberb and the low end is very good , especially the lower cycles because of the sub, but i believe i am missing, i am hearing it but it never seems to get to me, the mid bass and i am thinking it is the tubed power amp. i know the soldi state is going , i believe to give me more presence and punch in the mid bass, is that me thinking that or what? i don't want to mess with mids highs, but has anyone done the comparison between solid state and tubed with the Q sub woofer? thanks
What exact tube amp are you using? Knowing the rest of the equipment will help as well. Also, how large is the room the system is in, what is the placement, etc. Vandies do need power to perform their best, but if the tube amp can deliver you shouldn't see any problems...

My money is that you actually have a speaker placement issue, more so than an equipment issue.
Sounds like the crossovers might be cutting the bass out a bit much. Changeing the crossovers to a lower value will send more bass to the speakers, your mid bass... THere is also a adjustment on the back of the speaker for bass you could try knocking it up one.

But if you are hearing it I aggreee with the above could just be the room is it a concreat floor? YOu would be suprised how sitting on dofferent coutches helps and hurts bass because some dampen it from you more than others.