Sig N805 owners-sub?

I have had Sig 805's for approx 9 months now and love them. I currently have a combined HT/2 channel system. I am using a BAT VK31SE/VK200 feeding the 805's for 2 channel and HT mains. My sub is a Velodyne HGS-10, but this is hooked up to my B&K Ref 30 processor out of the 2 channel play. How many of you 805 owners use subs? Am I missing much not using a sub?
I use an RBH1012 sub with my N805Sig's. I have my cd\dvd player hooked up to an Anthem AVM20 on two inputs so I can turn of the sub by switching inputs. The sub adds a little extra umph but the sound pretty good without.

Good luck,
I owned the 805's about 3 years ago. They do need a little help getting the bottom filled out. The problem I had was getting a sub to blend seemlessly with them. You need a fast sub which generally means a sealed enclosure. However, with the 805's port resonance and phase issues, it was hard to match anything that sounded right. The 805's are fast. If you don't use a fast sub then the bass sounds slow in comparison which seems to distract from the musics pace.
I hope if you go that way, you have better luck than me. I thought the 805's were very nice sounding speakers with an extremely open top end. Just couldn't get the bottom right so they went.
A friend replaced his B&W800 signatures/Rel sub with the 805 signatures/Rel sub and says it is much better than the much more expensive combo.

The 805's are driven by one FPB700 while he had two of the 700's driving the 800's.