Sierra Denali

Anyone own or know about these mono blocks 
Are they made by GMC? :)
good one theothergreg!! :-)

amps made by Peter Noerbaek (hope i got the spelling of the last name correct??) of PBN Audio, the same outfit that makes Montana speakers.

I've seen those a couple of times on the road and parking lots, but prefer F450 King Ranch.
Hello Chubaka

Yes as Bombaywalla started above we did make the Sierra Audio Denali Amplifiers, its bigger brother the Everest and the matching Preamp the K2,  These were made around year 2000 so any of them will have some mileage on them,  although this should not deter you, they were built to last.  Should a repair or overhaul be needed we are certainly here to help.

You should also check our website for our current offerings, The Olympia Amplifiers, and for a more economic approach the Liberty Audio Site for our direct to the consumer offerings.   Click on the Audio Components tab for Amplifier info

Good Listening

Talk to Peter at PBN, very nice guy easy to talk to. Will not BS you about the amps. Still making great amps and speakers

+1 68pete

Peter at PBN is a real fine person to deal with and does know what he is talking about. Makes great stuff.