Siemans EL34

Anyone tried the East German Siemens NOS EL34 manufactured by RTF?
Please let me know what you think. 
Thanks, Brad
I have a spare pair of NOS RFT Siemens bought from Brent Jesse. They are quite good. Tim Smith at does a interesting shootout/review of EL34s. Tim also writes reviews for 6 moons. Check it out. I have all the EL34s he mentions and pretty much agree with his opinion/conclusions.
Thank you for the reference to the Tim Smith shootout and Brent Jesse. I am sure it will be very helpful. I found 3 vendors that have them, but had forgot to check to see what Brent sells. 
Thanks again, Brad 
In reference to your post, early March; Psvane is now manufacturing a KT120. has a select issue available on there website.
Rachel at Grant Fidelity is a wonderful person to work with, very professional and stands 100% behind her product. Also, Kevin had RFT Siemens, another great tube-seller. Jim McShane, Andy at Vintage tube, can't go wrong with any of them. Good luck in your search. Best, Rob

I've owned several quads of the RFT/Siemens EL34s and they're among my favorites of that tube type. I still have a set of them even though I don't now have an amp that can use them. I'm keeping them, just in case.

The only other EL34s that I've had that could compete with them were the original brown base Tesla (not JJ).

A good alternative are the new Gold Lion KT77s but if you can find the RFT/Siemens from a reputable seller with good test information I'd highly recommend them.
Thanks for the info. I know of three vendors that currently have stock. Roger Modjeski @ RAM Labs seems to have the best tested/matched tube. With regard to the GL KT77s you refer to, they were rated #1 and tied with the Black Treasure 6CA7 in the Tim Smith Wall of Sound shootout that mikirob refers to (above). Tim actually liked the BT tube better, but drew the conclusion that the GL warranted a tie due to there cost (1/2 of the BT) and similar sonic values/characteristics  of the GL.
Since the shootout the BT have gone down in cost to $329.00/quad, which is about what RAM Labs/Tube Audio Store is selling the RFT/Siemens EL34.

mikirob, thanks, I forgot about Vintage tube.

Thanks again