Side Surround Speaker Cable Advise Please?

Looking for high quality 45' pair of cables (non biwire) for my HT side surround speakers. I want really good cables but do not want to mortage the house to buy them. $300-400 used tops. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
Straightwire makes some stuff that is about 2 bucks a foot. Also check out audio quest type 2 or type 4. They are all okay cables, I don't think you are going to find 90 feet of cable in the 300-400 dollar that is superb. I could be wrong though.
Offhand, I'd try the RatShack top of line from Monster. It's 12 gauge and 89 or 99 cents per foot.
I wouldn't spend a lot more for surround speakers because there are so many problems with getting serious quality in this installation. My system runs the wires under the house, then back up thru the floor. If you have a dedicated room, and can keep the speaker cables off the floor, then great, maybe a better cable will be significant. But if you have compromised quality already, then what the heck. Maybe if there is a similar cable with a teflon dielectric for about $4 per foot it might have sonic differences. If you're running multichannel SACD with all world class componants, then you need to spend more. But for most class B installations, do the Rat Shack.
I am presently using a 50' of Straightwire Quartet cable for my surround channels. Purchased them new from for $320.
If you are handy, you can make an outstanding SS cable using Belden 9309 or 9315 from

About $70 for 100 feet. It will blow-away anything commercial up to $400-$500.