Side speaker importance

Hello from the Holly Land :-)
i have Lexicon MC-8 processor with a 6.1 setup (no center speaker) which i use for movies only (no m-ch music).

the full system spec can be seen here:

i have pretty cheap side speakers Mission M71 which costed just 250$ at the time (stereiophile review ).
they're placed a bit behind seating position and aimed to the listeners' ears.

in a stand alone system they produce quite nice sound but when i compare them to my front speakers they just sound awful - much less details, clarity, air, etc.

the question is - is it worth to invest in side speakers?

another one - since my armchairs' backrests are quite high (IKEA Puang) - about 80 cm - i put my side and rear speakers at 80-90 cm height.

in this situation is it better to keep "bookshelf speaker" path for the sides and elevate them to this height or go to floorstanded and gain some sound depth and bass extension but compromised on a fact that some of it's drivers will be placed low and thus concealed by the chair's backrest?

some room's photos can found here:

thx in advance,

I can't offer any specific suggtions on your question regarding the side speakers except to say that in my own case, I have sides that are from the same manufacturer and are timbre matched to my Left, Center, and Right.

You have a pretty direct and short path from the sides to your listening position, which may be casuing some of the problem. Since you have Logic7 with the MC-8, have you considered expanding to 7.1? You could, for example, move your current side speakers to the rear, and get dipoles for the sides, which will have more diuffuse sound and make the sides per se less noticeable. You will also get better surround envelopment. If you do decide to go 7.1, the sides should be directly to the side, not slightly behind, the listening position.

I would also recommend you pose this question at

i do have 7.1 setup and logic 7 does wonders with side and rear speakers.

IIRC lixicon do recomend direct radiating speakers for sides and rears.

In case you haven't already done so, I would post this at They have individuals much more knowledgeable than I in surroundsound, and they may be able to provide helpful recommendations.