Side by side comparison of HT processor possible?

Please provide your thoughts.
I’d like to do a side by side comparison of 2 distinctly different pre/pros using the same amplifier. Amplifier is switchable between balanced and unbalanced input. Not so much as a SQ comparison, more of a functionality/convenience comparison.
I was thinking of leaving the existing balanced setup as is and hooking up the other pre/pro to the unbalanced inputs on the amp and using the input selection toggles on the amp to switch input from one pre/pro to the other.
What are some thoughts on this? Any input is appreciated. Anyone tried this? What could be detrimental? Your thoughts please.
Please be caution not all power amp can connect both SE and XLR at the same time!

If one of your pre/pro comes with a multi channel input will make life easier.
By far the biggest difference is room correction software. How well it works, and how much you like the end result.
Contacted Emotiva today, their words were that it is possible to configure as I described and that the amp would sustain no adverse effects. It was mentioned the inconvenience/ inaccessibility switching the toggles from balanced to unbalanced but if that was ok with me it would be ok with the amp.
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