Shure V15 XMR Vs DV-20XH

I was wondering which sounded better. I would like to hear from someone who has actually compared both.

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I own both of these, although the dynavector is the low output version. Phono stage is a Rhea. The Dynavector is very dynamic, and somewhat technicolor (e.g. brighter, bolder and more contrast than real life). The Shure is more of a precision instrument, but compared to my Shelter 501-II, it lacks the "breath of life." Bass is solid, and overall it seems very balanced, if less exciting to listen to than the DV. I like the Shure with closely miked jazz and chamber music, but prefer the DV when playing large-scale orchestral stuff with "Sturm und Drang" The Shure tends to be bright and detailed, but not harsh. One of my good buddies has a jico stylus for his Shure and it sounds a lot nicer than mine with the stock Vxmr stylus.

Overall, if I had to pick only one, it would be the Dynavector, which plays in a different class than the Shure. Both are nice in different ways. Pick your poison?

Thanks for the detailed discription. Maybe I should try the Jico first. Would you know a model numder?

Jico stylus:
I had the Shure once, thank god I saw the light and ditched it. Frank, those 2 cartridges are not even close, not even by a country mile!
Thanks for the link.
I too have the shure, a dynavector and a Vpi Scout. I could not get the shure to track as well as the Dynavector or Ortofon. I was even using Shure "obstacle course test records".

In every case the shure gave muddy bass on the bass drum test tracks compared to the Dyna and Ortofon. I used Vpi's alignment gauge that comes with the table in all cases so set up was correct.

Many years ago I had a Thorens TD-147 and the shure did very well in that arm.
Thanks for all the responces so far