Shure V15 mk5 vs Dynavector 10x5

For a second system with a Thorens TD166mk2 TT... Can anyone provide their experience on the different sonic characteristics between these two cartridges? Thanks.

I ran the Shure on my Rega P3 for two years and replaced it with the Dyna about two months ago. You can click on my system link to see what kind of gear I'm using, and it will be clear that my priorities are not neutrality or transparancy, but rather a rich, smooth, enjoyable presentation. In fact, my system isn't really resolving enough to highlight dramatic differences between cables and such. Not surprisingly then, I didn't find huge differences between the two, though I ended up staying with the Dyna. Here's my assessment, then:

The Dyna's bass seems a bit flabby in comparison to the Shure. The Dyna has a richer midrange and more "sparkely" highs. Both are very quiet, with maybe a slight edge to the Dyna. The Shure is a better tracker, though the Dyna is no slouch in this area. The stylus of the Shure seemed to attract gunk more readily than does the Dyna. The Dyna seemed more sensitive to VTA than the Shure. The Shure has a user-replacable stylus and is easier to mount to the arm. The Dyna is better looking.

In summary, I found the Shure to be more lean/transparent, while the Dyna seem more lively. I liked them both and could have easily lived with the Shure for a couple more years.

Like so many things, I suppose, the right choice depends on what you're looking for. Good luck and have fun.

P.S. the Shure's for sale--let me know if you're interested
I think I meant to say the most recent Shure cartridge: the V15Mxr. I don't know how it differs from the v5.
Dynavector all the way!! I have Shure V15-V and Dyna 10A (brought it 25 years old and put away) but I love Dyna sound even with an old model. The Dyna has much richer sound than V15 and more details then the Shure. The sound stage is wider and deeper too. You should go for the Dyna and you have to be care to set it up as mentioned above. Happy listening.