Shure V15 III loading experiences

This Shure cartridge is rated for 100K loading. Any listening experience out there comparing the industry standard MM 47K loading V.S. the rated 100K loading for this classic?
I haven't used them in years, still have one in a drawer. As I remember the main loading problem was insufficient loading by most cables.Two hundred to three hundred extra Pf usually smoothed them out considerably. Check Vinyl Engine for info if you haven't already.
Thank you but data is no problem. Personal listening experiences are what I'm reaching for.

FWIW, I'm building a phono pre and putting in parts orders for caps,resistors, etc.
Then the answer is that the problem is capacitance, not impedance. When it is not sufficient you have a droop in the midrange.
If my memory serves, I think the commonly agreed upon loading is 47K and
220pf. But the last time I use one was almost 30 years ago so I could be wrong.
Someone please confirm.
47k or 100k res. depending on the degree you enjoy hf detail. Shure recommended 400-500pF cap., mid. harmonics don't open up until loaded above 300pF, Stanwal is correct.
If you're seeking a consensus, search over at AudioKarma, lots of afficiandos of the venerable type 111 there, 400pF total is nearly universally agreed upon. Personal preference is 400pF + low cap. IC's for mid/uppermid clarity and 100k Ohms for crisp hf's, this may be too forward for some tastes.
Trivia: The stylus is at 15* for the original model resulting in the "V15" label. The V15 Imp. and t-111 were in production during RIAA Standards transitions in the early '70's, don't hesitate in trying a slightly neg. VTA if stylus is OEM, replacement styli are whatever they are. Good luck with your project.

Thanks for the responses guys. I can change the values w/o too much difficulty to experiment. Nice to know the direction that those values tend to lead the music. Happy Holidays and listening to all!