Shure V14vxmr vs. Audio Technica AT150MLX

Has anyone had a chance to hear/compare these two MM cartridges to each other? Either or both to other cartridges?
Your comments are appreciated!
Good Listening!
As long as you mean the Shure V15, I've owned both these cartridges. I preferred the Shure personally and found it to be a much warmer cartridge with better subtle detail retrieval but the AT is blacker with a more crisp sound. It comes down to personal preference as I feel they are both fine affordable MM cartridges.
I've owned the Shure and liked it, but remember that it's no longer manufactured, and at this point I'm not sure you can even get a new stylus for it. NOS ones seem to bring $500 or more, so the price difference with the currently made A-T gets even bigger. The A-T always get pretty positive reviews.

Unless you have a line on a reasonably priced NOS Shure or a known good used one, I'd stick with the A-T so that you can get warranty and service.

Another approach would be to go cheap with somehting like an Empire EDR9 or 750. Do a search here for the threads - many people love them. I just mounted my EDR9 and my initial reaction is that it's better than my Shure ever was, and I don't even have it in the right tonearm yet. YMMV.

@ armstrod,
Your mention of the EDR.9 strikes a cord here. I, too, have one of these nice Empires. It is rather pleasurable as an excellent tracker with excellent sound. Two nights ago it played the massive Rachmaninoff piano concerto No.3 with analog perfection. Of course, I have the Blue Angel Mantis cartridge, which plays this LP to perfection also.