Shure V-15vmr VS V-15 III

I had heard the V-15III was the most nuetral and musical. Anyone know the difference between that one and the current production model's sonics? Thank You
Michael Fremer had some comments on the current version of the V-15 in a recent Analog Corner in Stereophile. Try the archives section on their website ( If you are unable to find it, let me know and I will look through the back issues that I have to see if I can help. Good Luck, Doug
I have owned both. Hard for me to tell you the difference because I did not own them at the same time. I do feel the V15VxMR is an improvement. Better stylus also. It did a better job tracking warped records as well. The current model is a Stereophile recommended product so there should be information available.
anybody know a where to get a replacment stylist for my V\15 III? thx
Try looking at for any stylus needs. The best source that i've found. Some are OEM, some are aftermarket. All of them are satisfaction guaranteed either way. NOBODY will touch their prices. Sean
Replace stylus available at

There is also

Caution: the V-15mr is ultra fragile, I easily trashed 3.
Try for relacement styli.
I have used V15 MR before but I think you'll get better sound with Dynavector 10X4. I am using a 15 years old Dynavector 10B and it has much better pace, rhythm and smoothing sound than the Shure. However, it takes about 2 to 4 weeks break in time. It will sound without high end before it fully broken in. I think it is worth the wait. I am listening more to my records now than CDs.