Shure Ultra 500 stylus replacement VN5P?

Shure long ago stopped making the Ultra 500 replacement. I have used the VN5MR stylus successfully in this cartridge, but it too is discontinued. According to, the VN5P stylus can be used for the V15-VMR cartridge. The site says that cartridge can use the VN5MR stylus; in theory the VN5P should also work in the Ultra 500. It lacks the Dynamic Stabilizer but I could live with that. I have heard it said that cartridge suspensions deteriorate over time but I am skeptical. It would be nice to be able to buy fresh styli from a reputable manufacturer!

Has anybody tried the Shure VN5P stylus in an Ultra 500? The VN5xMR will not fit into the Ultra; I know because I bought one by mistake! Your experiences with high-end Shure cartridges comparing the SoundSmith or Jico versus Shure originals would be interesting. Regards, hifigeezer