Shure ME97HE.

Recently, I installed Shure ME97HE cartridge on my Rega and I don't want go back to CDs. The Pickering XSV 3000 was good, but Shure... O, Boy. First time in my basement, my speakers virtually disappeared. If, it is possible to have, to much of sound stage, I have it :]
Well... Sonically, was not as perfect, and I was lacking depth behind speakers. What can be beater than Shure ME97HE? Yes, something normally priced :]

"It's the journey that's most fun ........... not the destination."

Thank you. Grate to be here. Greg.
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Hey fella's how do you think the new Shure ME97HE would pair with a
Thorens 125? (original arm) and how is it compared to the V15's available?
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>>> I will be buying the new JICO stylus for the V15 as soon as it becomes available as I stashed a couple of extra bodies away.<<<
I had ordered a SAS stylus with LP-Gear for my V15 type III cart to replace my VN35MR stylus --- next thing they send we the wrong 45 for the V15 type IV cart.
According to them they have stock of the correct item and they promised to replace it as soon as they got the wromg item back --- which they now have confirmed.
Reading your post seems to indicate there is no stock for the V15 type III at present?
I had no shipping info from them for the 35 SAS, which makes me wonder if my since 2 month 'NO STOCK' assumption is correct?
Regards, Jakub61: The type 111, V15Vmr and the M95 have a more articulate response with lively transients: reeds, brass and cymbals sparkle. Bass fundamentals are very solid but these cartridges lack the warm (colored?) harmonics in the 3rd/4th octaves usually prefered by those who enjoy the "east coast" sound.
What sounds better? A M97 with the JICO SAS N97HE stylus from LPGear will bring out even more highlights from your cartridge.
Axel: I recently ordered a back-up SAS stylus for my type 111 from LPG, it arrived the following (last) week.
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>>> The type III, V15Vmr and the M95 .... Bass fundamentals are very solid but these cartridges lack the warm (colored?) harmonics in the 3rd/4th octaves usually prefered by those who enjoy the "east coast" sound. <<<

I like this blend of scientific and emotional mix of assessment. Now, "east coast" sound = warmish and mellow, yes?
With my V15 III + VN35MR, I would say it sounds a bit "glazed" at times and so I ordered the SAS stylus for it. No idea if it will actually pay of.
Having listened to numerous MM carts of late, it seems incredibly difficult to get the 'depth' of detail (loaded with micro information of harmonics) but not reveal that they (harmonics) are actually screwed up in some way or another.

So it's either too little revealed or if revealed the wrong stuff.
Right now I have put in a Ortofon M20FL super (an MI actually) and it seems to give me a bit of relieve in the area mentioned (glazing) and yet show ~ 'enough' detail. Incredible to me how the 'Ortofon sound' managed to maintain this 'not too much and not too little' over the years.
I also had/have Jubilee and Windfeld. Now this NOS MI cart (M20FL) for close to peanuts sounds at least as good a their more current Kontrapunt B and maybe even the Jubilee.

But one thing always seems to remain as mentioned above, detail with glazing/brittleness --- or "east coast" sound with some perceived lack of inner detail/depth.

I could go on about some other carts of the Lyra and Tranfiguration lines but maybe too far removed from the Shure OP. Still, in terms of money the Shures ARE quite interesting.

Viridian, thanks also for your detail of the stylus suppliers.