shure ME91d housing separates from body

i noticed that the inner body of the cartridge would get pushed out the back of the housing when i inserted a stylus. i took the cartridge off today and i pushed the inner housing completely out.. there is a bunch of yellowish residue inside the housing. it looks like the stuff that builds up on your auto battery posts.

Can anyone tell me whats going on?
Are you talking about the Shure M91ED, as in the first aftermarket cartridge I
bought in 1974--the popular cartridge in the era of Advent, JBL, Garrard, and
Pioneer, Marantz, and Kenwood receivers?

Do you think you could scrape up href=
for the much
improved in-production equivalent Shure M97xE?

Or are you just messing with us?
There's a good chance that that yellow goo is either damping or bonding
that has disintegrated over the decades.
Having owned both at the same time, I have no problem saying that the M91ED is a superior product to the M97xE in just about all areas.

I have no idea why but I can say that the former is the V15 type 2 in a slightly different body and that it has a nude mounted elliptical stylus as opposed to the bonded elliptical on the M97xE.

What you are seeing is the adhesive breaking down. You can try to correct the problem by carefully adding the adhesive of your choice, or buying one of the many available M91s on Ebay.
Yes its a M91ed and I'm not mess'in with you. It came with the Thorens TD160 last year along with a spare Jisco SAS replacement stylus which i understood to be superior. The SAS is very detailed but very delicate sounding. Actually the stock stylus suited my rock and roll tastes better.

Ive just replaced the "broken" M91ed with a new MP11 with stock stylus which sounds better but still lacks the bass i am looking for. Its been suggested by another AGoner that i need to explore increasing the capacitance loading. Im hoping to find a cartridge that just works better for me. One of the local shops suggests an Ortofon Blue will get me there for a mere ~$250. this hobby is endless.

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