Shure cartridge: while label vs M97XE

Anybody can tell which is a better cartridge?
I see the price is about the same ($70 ~ $100). White label cartridge is advertised as DJ cartridge, but would it still be sonically as good as M97XE?
If you are to use at home, which would you go for if the price is the same?
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The answer would be no, IMO. I have not heard the M97xE in my own system, but I've owned the Whitelabel, as well as most of the other Shure DJ carts. Very good sounding for DJ-cartridges, but e.g. a Stanton 500 E MkII or Ortofon Super OM10 is better. The Shure M35X cartridge share the same stylus as the Whitelabel, btw, and has about 90% of the performance.