Shunyata Zitron Python Burn-In?

While I have seen a fair amount of input related to this question from experienced owners on various sites, after just now taking receipt of the Zitron Python SC and Interconnects, I guess I'm looking for a little reassurance. Please tell me these things will get much closer to their purported SOTA performance with sufficient burn in time. Right now they're rounded a bit on top, a little bloated in the middle and heavy in the bottom. Lacking overall speed, transparency and dimension.
Jayh, what you read is correct.... Like most wires, Shunyata cables require break-in. What you hear now is unrelated to their real performance. You will experience inevitable fluctuating anomalies until the cables stabilize ang yield their full high capabilities... at about 150 hours, you will start to hear some nice sound. My own experience with their Z-tron Anaconda siblings suggest about 300 hours, but other audiophile report that Z-tron wires may continue to sweeten for about 450 hours... Be Patient, and try to feed them a signal 24/7.... You may try to use an FM tuner on interstation FM hash whenever you are not listening to music.

Have to agree with Guido here. I don't own Shunyata signal cables, but I do own Shunyata power cords and they do REQUIRE burn in before you can understand their potential...

How many hours do you have on your cables?
Too bad we don't all own an Audiodharma cable cooker. I've often thought about getting one for such occasions. It would be a great purchase for an audio club or group of audiophile friends.
Hmmmm, really guys... Investing 2 or 3 weeks of break-in toward the maximization of the potential of several years of enjoyment of a loom of wires is small price indeed.... I have dived into such labor of love several times... It is a little like planting a bare tulip bulb, and lovingly tending the growing plantlet until it blooms into a beautiful flower.

I have developed and regularly use an Excell spreadsheet that helps me to track break in progress of wires and electronics, make projection of completion dates, and lets me add my own observations each day.

Unless one suffers from cravings for instant gratification... Forget cable cookers, and enjoy the break-in process... You might find the voyage of audible discovery an emotionally satisfying experience.... And you will certainly learn the hidden potential of your wires a lot more deeply!

Thanks to all for your input. I'm only about 24 hrs in so by all accounts a long way to go. While I can certainly understand Guido's appreciation for the process, I guess I'm just to impatient. My source, (Cary Audio 306 Pro CD/SACD player) is a few years old so I'm a little reluctant to rack hundreds of hours on it as a burn in mule. With such lengthy break in time required I think it would a nice service if Shunyata did a couple of hundred hours of burn before shipping. I guess they don't because they don't have to. Thanks again.
There may be some to-ing an fro-ing but overall if you listen steadily it'll creep up on you; in two weeks you'll be deep into listening and suddenly realize how good they sound. You made a nice choice, especially in getting the SCs; these distortion reducing signal cables are a revelation and the Python is the value sweet spot in the current lineup.
I've found a break in CD, like the Purist Audio helps speed the process along for signal cables...I can understand your point about a break in mule if you're burning time on your tubes also...Good luck ! Let us know how it goes!
Sorry, I simply have no desire to listen to any music until there's at least a hundred hours on the new tubes, new cables, new fuse, whatever. I use the XLO Test CD break-in track.
Hi Geoff, do you find it more effective to playback a branded break-in track like XLO 24/7, rather than doing the same using an FM tuner tuned to interstation hash?

Saluti, Guido
Guidocorona, good question! That actually be an excellent idea, but have never tried it myself.
I am not convinced a rounded top will get better with burn in. The rest will improve (in my experience). However, I have never burnt in this cable.