Shunyata vs Richard Gray Power Co vs Chang???

I am looking for a surge protector (too many $$ plugged into the wall!) and the Shunyata/RGPC/Chang seem to be the best options. I don't believe I have any power quality issues, but that would a bonus as well.

Price of all three looks to be fairly comparable. System is McIntosh 2102/2200 and Naim CD5.

Looking for recommendations? Thanks...

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I started experimenting w/ line conditioners about 6 yrs ago when I moved into a hi rise condo. With over 300 units in the building I would notice, for lack of a better word, power dips at certain times of the day. This was most noticeable on my Sota Sapphire turntable (AC synchronous motor). At that time, I auditioned the RGPC and the PS Audio 300. Both units corrected the power dip problem. I noticed that my system at the time (YBA integre, Denon 1650 AVR CD, Monitor audio speakers) was happier with the PS audio regenerator. The RGPC seemed to impose a sonic veil over the music. What was interesting was that the RGPC seemed to sound better than the PS audio on some pricier systems I listened to at a local Hi end salon.

Since that time, I have upgraded my entire system. I dumped the Sota for an SME model 10 (DC motor), so power dips aren't as much an issue. The current system is tube based (BAT, Art Audio, MF Tri vista). I auditioned the Shunyata Hydra 6 and a comination of Anaconda and Python power snakes. Lets just say that the PS audio power plant is now history. The PS audio is still a good unit but it is now serving time in my second system. Also keep in mind that outfitting an entire system w/ appropriate power snakes can be a costly proposition.

I guess the bottom line is that AC products can be as synergy/system dependent as any other component(s) in the audio chain. I think the golden rule "try before you buy" is still operative when considering AC products.

PS: I have no personal experience w/the Chang products. Good luck and happy listening.