Shunyata vs Richard Gray Power Co vs Chang???

I am looking for a surge protector (too many $$ plugged into the wall!) and the Shunyata/RGPC/Chang seem to be the best options. I don't believe I have any power quality issues, but that would a bonus as well.

Price of all three looks to be fairly comparable. System is McIntosh 2102/2200 and Naim CD5.

Looking for recommendations? Thanks...

I started experimenting w/ line conditioners about 6 yrs ago when I moved into a hi rise condo. With over 300 units in the building I would notice, for lack of a better word, power dips at certain times of the day. This was most noticeable on my Sota Sapphire turntable (AC synchronous motor). At that time, I auditioned the RGPC and the PS Audio 300. Both units corrected the power dip problem. I noticed that my system at the time (YBA integre, Denon 1650 AVR CD, Monitor audio speakers) was happier with the PS audio regenerator. The RGPC seemed to impose a sonic veil over the music. What was interesting was that the RGPC seemed to sound better than the PS audio on some pricier systems I listened to at a local Hi end salon.

Since that time, I have upgraded my entire system. I dumped the Sota for an SME model 10 (DC motor), so power dips aren't as much an issue. The current system is tube based (BAT, Art Audio, MF Tri vista). I auditioned the Shunyata Hydra 6 and a comination of Anaconda and Python power snakes. Lets just say that the PS audio power plant is now history. The PS audio is still a good unit but it is now serving time in my second system. Also keep in mind that outfitting an entire system w/ appropriate power snakes can be a costly proposition.

I guess the bottom line is that AC products can be as synergy/system dependent as any other component(s) in the audio chain. I think the golden rule "try before you buy" is still operative when considering AC products.

PS: I have no personal experience w/the Chang products. Good luck and happy listening.
one you haven't mentioned in your opening is the 'powerwing' from was given a 'brutus award' on the positive feedback website. i have tried and owned the ones you mentioned and the powerwing is far my is both a conditioner and has surge protection also. alan kafton,who makes the audio dharma cable cooker, is the creator of this super conditioner. he will,i believe,allow you an audition of the product. you won't be disappointed...the last gentleman who tried one on my suggestion,bought one.
You might consider the Foundation Research LC-1 and LC-2 passive and dedicated in-line power conditioners.

In the Aug. 2003 issue of Bound for Sound, Marty DeWulf called these simply the best that he's aware of and he's been a stickler for line conditioning for the last 11 years or so. He bought the evaluation units and sold his old units.

That was the original version of the LCs. About 7 months ago, I sold my old versions and purchased the latest LC-1 and LC-2 versions. They are simply 2 to 3 times the improvement over the original versions which I've owned for 3 years prior to these latest ones.

Everybody's AC is dirty. Clean it up!

Really appreciate your comments above.

I'll look into the Power Wing as well!

I happen to have an older LC-1 on my Naim CD player, but I didn't think it handled surges as well??? I was VERY pleased with the results after changing the stock cord.
Encyclopediabsh, I don't believe the LCs are meant to do anything with power surges. I believe that would be the job of a power regenerator or some function like that.

But I can assure you that if you were very pleased with the results of the old version, you should be nothing short of amazed with the new versions.