Shunyata VS Richard Gray

Happy 4th to everyone!

Here is the question. Would it make sense that tube gear would benefit from Richard Gray while solid state would benefit from Shunyata? Shunyata seems to work best on gear that is left on all the time drawing constant current through the Hydra. Richard Gray doesn't really seem to care about the equipment being on as long as the Richard Gray unit stays plugged in.

I have both. I use the Shunyata 8 for the front end equipment. I use three (3) RGPC in paralell to power the amps and subwoofers. I think the RGPC may work better with high powered applications. If possible, you should experiment with different combinatons.

In my home theatre system, in another room, I use a Monster HTS 5100 MKII plugged into a RGPC with excellent results: the subwoofer and amps are plugged directly into the RGPC, and the Plasma monitor, universal player, etc, are plugged into the Monster HTS.