Shunyata vs. Audience vs. Bybee?

Hi, I want to get a power conditioner for my stereo (with TV), and I've narrowed it down to the Shunyata Hydra Triton, the Audience Adept Response aR6 TSS or the Bybee Stealth Power Purifier.

Can anyone comment on the comparative strengths and weaknesses?
Audience 6TSSD has best stage,bass, wonderful open sound.
All of the Audience power conditioners are great and the non-teflon versions are going for very low prices used. Plus, Audience has excellent customer service if you ever have an issue down the road. You really can't go wrong with any of their products IMO.
I believe Tweek Geek offers a return policy on the Stealth.
Power conditioning seems very system dependent. I'd try to find these at places with good audition or return policies. Music Direct, Cable Company and Tweek Geek all come to mind.
Great info Roscoe111. Ata boy !
I can't address the comparative strengths of the units you're considering but I can say that even the humble Audience aR6 is amazing. I use the word "humble" with great respect because I own both an aR6 and an aR6 TSS. I use the aR6 for my TV and Comcast cable box. I know that's overkill but without one on each side of my 48" wide equipment rack, I have a problem getting the TV and the cable box cords to reach the aR6 TSS.

Back to the point, last weekend I disconnected the TV and cable box cords from the aR6 and plugged them in to a an extension cord... and the picture on my TV went south to the point that even my wife asked what happened.

I'm a big fan of the Audience product line to the point of considering my aR6 TSS a source component versus an ancillary tweak.
I have the latest Audience Adept aR6 TSSD and it is the best I've heard. I am considering other avenues and have to part with it. If interested e-mail me. I'll tell ya all about it.
Ditto on the Audience. game changer. had a Hydra years ago; very good, but not an Audience.

Again, all these recs for devices are missing what is the most important point in power conditioning: the specific context of the system (and perhaps most immportantly local power grid).

Though I will note that the appropriateness of power conditioners for big, power-hungry amps does seem to be pretty consistent across locations. Some power conditioners seem to limit the dynamics of an amp. Which is why many amp manufacturers recommend plugging their amps directly into the wall.