Shunyata versus Elrod

I have tried Shunyata Anaconda on my CD. I could not try any cables on my Audio Research VTM200 monoblocks because of the 20 amp IECs they have. I also want to test Elrod PCs. Anaconda made my system very transparent, huge soundstage. However, it somehow made the sound very lean. Now I can here all the details. But, it sounds like the body is gone. The piano sounds so lean (but it is just me... A very detailed sound I am not used to) but I hear every finger movement. Then I tried a Kimber Palladian on my CD. Palladian added body to the sound and subtracted the details. The soundstage was also compressed. Black Mamba was in between the two but the details was lacking. I need the details I get with Anaconda and a little bit of the body I get with Palladian. Question 1: (EPS combination) Would EPS 3 Sig on my CD and EPS 2 Sigs on my monoblocks help me to get the sound I want? Question 2: (Shunyata combination) Would Shunyata Taipan's on my monoblocks help the body of the sound I lossed with Anaconda on my CD? I will put down my system so that you can help me better. My System: Audio Aero Capitole 32 bit/192 kHz Audio Research VTM200s Sonus Faber Amati Kimber Select 3038 Speaker cables and 1130 Interconnects. (AA connected directly to my amps)
Capitole Mark 1 or the much better Capitole Mark 2 player which model are we talking about? Thanks
Elrod Sig 2's are for CDP & PreAmp's and Sig 3's are for power amps.
I use them on my equip and have no regrets. I have Electrocompaniet CDP (24/192 upsampling) and Sonic Frontiers line 3 & Power 2. Made a huge difference once everything broke in.
If you like, check my listings, I have some for sale too.
In my personal opinion you should try
FMS "Nexus63" for your amps and "Nexus63L"
for your cd player.
This chord destroyed Electraglide FatMan K and FatBoy 2000 Gold in my system.

Best regards, Jack.
The very latest model. Capitole Mark 2.
I have tired too many power cords to discuss here. The Elrod Sig 2 was a no go on my CDP, it was equaled and outperformed by cheaper cords. The Sig 3 added to my CDP and power amp more weight/body if you want to fatten things up a little and kept the details. One of my favorite cords but I know some people who did not want to add that to their system. I do not like the Shunyata Taipan power cord. I felt and so did the dealer that it added some edge to the upper frequencies and was a little thin but I also have SS preamp and power amp. There are many lower priced cords that get you 70-80% of the way there for a lot less too.
We like the Anaconda 'Alpha' on the AA Capitole mk II and the Anaconda 'Vx' on the amps (in a all Nordost Valhalla system)... but there are others who do the opposite. The Anaconda 'Alpha' is a helicial design like the Shunyata speaker cables and has a sound with a 'tighter focus' as compared to the 'Vx' which has a more open, relaxed sound.

You need to find a dealer that will let you try out various combinations (made much more difficult by the 20amp IEC on your VTM200) to see which one(s) you like. Unfortunately, there are not many dealers that carry both the brands of powercords you are interested in...

-Mike (Shunyata dealer)
I owned both Shuntyata and Elrod cords, although not the Anaconda but have extended listening sessions with it.

IMO, you're not going to get the extra body with the Elrod (comparing against the Anaconda VX), neither would the Taipan. The Elrods will give you added transparency, better clarity and a wide soundstage, the Taipans more speed. Sounds like you might want to try the Python which has a warm tonality without sacrificing detail.
I have them all Elrod sig 2,3 shunyata anaconda vx, and alpha it is really depend on your system (synergy). Elrod is more refined, smoother, extended soundstage. Shunyata anaconda alpha is focus and helical everything seems to tighten from top to bottom but not as smooth and relax as elrod like Mike said from audiofederation. Good luck and have fun.
Thanks Goone...

I have been trying the anaconda VX on my Capitole MK2 for a week. I think I am getting used to it and started to like the sound (even though it sounds extremely polite, what I call diet sound). However, when I plug back the Palladian or the Mamba I get the body back which makes me happy. But then again, soundstage is compressed and details are gone. I haven't tried Elrods at all. I talked with a dealer who sells both brands, he told me elrods the answer... Sometimes I feel like I am asking for Kylie Minogue... I think I will go with the Elrods!
We are a dealer for Elrod, and used to be a dealer for Shunyata. I felt the Elrod's were a much better performing cord. I have recently discovered an Ac cord from Harmonix called the X-DC Studio Master which took me by surprise! They are almost 1/2 the price of the Elrod cords. My customers say they haven't heard anything better at any price. The best part is they require little break-in and you can hear the improvements immediately. I will be testing their interconnects & speaker cables over the next few weeks which are supposed to be excellent as well. The power cords have already found a permanent place in my reference system!
Normally, we leave the internet to itself, but Artisic Audio's post and characterizations warrant some clarification.

Artistic Audio was a Shunyata dealer for a brief time, and this relationship ended almost three years ago --before Elrod cables existed. Shunyata Research severed its business ties with Artistic Audio when the King Cobra was on the market. The previous post implying otherwise, is misleading.

Elrod power cords are exceptional performers made by a reputable, established company. They deserve better than gross generalizations inferring something is better at half the price. This seems to be the price successful products pay when someone decides to market a new "best" -"at half the price" --on the internet..

Power products are extremely component, listener and system dependent. Polling for favorites can draw a series of responses that are not all genuinely motivated. People who ask and share opinions on the "market-net" would be wise to consider this. It is an ever increasing phenomena, and not always easy to discern..

Careful evaluations and system matching are the best measure of successful purchases.

Shunyata Research
Dear Samuel, I invite my customers to bring in their cables to compare with what I sell. I have done many shoot-outs with the latest Shunyata designs so I was merly answering the question posted to the best of my knowledge and experience with the Shunyata versus Elrod. I also believe in value for my customers which is why I mentioned the Harmonix power cords as being an excellent value.
Way to go Grant.

I would have to agree. I am a dealer for both Shunyata and Elrod Power Systems. Both are excellent products, but if anyone tells you that any one cable is the answer for all components, they are full of it. It is totally component dependent and although I do not necessarily dispute what Artistic Audio avers, I would have to say the the results would surely differ on different equipment.

Find a local dealer who has a supply of cords for you to try and trust your ears.
Mr. Tinn, I do believe that a well designed cable will work on all components. Companies that design several different cables for amp, preamp, digital ect... are just making things difficult. Either you want to hear what your component is doing, or you want to mask the sound. I prefer to hear all that my components are capable of!
I am a consumer and in my personal opinion, the most desirable power cables for your system are driven by your personal taste, environment, and the synergy that you get with the components and speakers that you are using. Sometimes, room treatment can make a big difference. As others have recommended, it would probably be your best bet to try different cables from on-line and/or store front dealers before buying, if possible. It would be very difficult to project that a cable will work on all your components without knowing your taste, environment, speakers, and all equipment and cables (speaker and interconnect) you are using. Often, music enjoyment comes down to splitting hairs, the finite things we personally look for while listening in our own environment. Many power cables may be superb for some but not ideal to others, case and point.

I have owned Elrod and Shunyata power cables before, and they are different in their own right, and wonderful cables. These manufacturers offer different cable lines, probably based on different price points and to fit different consumer tastes and components.

The positive point is that you seem to know what your listening preferences are. As time goes on and components change, your listening tastes may even change. Many audiophiles never settle for long and express the need to upgrade their sound, myself included.
May I add several more points. Clean power, line conditioning, RFI and EMI, component vibration, and speaker placement are other important things that may affect your system.

In some instances, having the right isolation or de-coupling device or platform under your component may give you the performance you are looking for without making any changes to your components or cables.

Depending upon the sensitivity of your speakers, moving them a fraction of an inch can make a world of difference. Or, room treatment applications can change things dramatically too.

I have a lot of experience with Elrod 3 sig, Kimber Palladian PK10, Annaconda VX, and other assorted AC cords.

I would highly advise you to try Silent Source AC cords. They are distributed by Walker Audio ( Look at the dealer page and give Tom Quayle in Ohio a call.

Anyway, these cords are the best I have ever heard in many, Many, MANY ways. The only cords I can compare these to are the Omega Mikros (which are great cords), and the Silent Source cords are right there with the Omega Mikro cords. Personally, I have sold all of my Elrod, Palladian PK10, Virtual Dynamic Nite, BMI Shark, and even my Omega Mikro LCA active cords to go with an all Silent Source AC cords system.

Lemme put it like this... I have yet to really figure out what sonic signature that the Silent Source cords put on music. All other cords I have had, have some sort of sonic signature.


Are you an agent for Walker Audio?
I compared the SS power cord and the Kimber to the Elrod Sig 3 on my Pass Labs X-250 power amp. I preferred teh Elrod over them. TO my ears it was just more natural sounding with great details and definition. Did it blow the others away, well no, it was just better. The SS are very good cables for half the price of the used Elrods but overall I am not selling my Elrod Sig 3. The SS had a smaller soundstage, and was not as musical sounding versus the Elrod in direct comparison, without the direct comparison, it was a very good sounding cord overall.

Happy Listening

what power cord is best for
emc1 up cdp?
thank you
You can't go wrong with Elrod, any type. 1 drawback: they are real beasts physically.