Shunyata Venon-8 Power LC: Is it worth the money??

I have read many members's comments on Power Line Conditioners. Some claim they compress the dynamics of an audio system

I had Audio Prism's Audio Wedge 16 which weighed a ton but seemed to work at least in cancelling out noise and RFI interference

My question is the Shunyata Power Line Conditioner the Venom 8 worth the money at $695.00 There are ad ons which supposedly further raise the unit's performance.

I am asking because the unit is small,and lighter than the Audio Prism boat anchor I used. Please let me know if you have tried the Venom-8 PLC and whether the worth without the other upgrades; or recommend a PLC that provides better performance and....VALUE. Thanks
Not much is out there in the A'gon forum archives about the Shunyata Venom PS8.

only one other thread.

I only found this meaningful review on the net.

Have you tried calling up the sellers of the Shunyata Venom PS8 to get their takes on it? Maybe they can help if others here haven't used this PLC yet.

Good luck with the search.
Jednite: You are a prince. I discarded all of my TAS , except for the 2014 Components guide and 2014 Golden Ear Awards. Too much weight to ship back to the mainland from Hawaii.

Also, I posted the thread because I gave the Audio prism Wedge 16 to Good Will. It weighed 25lbs. So I will be looking for something lighter and of newer design. I am not sure the Shunyata's price of the Venon PS8 is within, my budget especially since their add-ons can push the price over $1000 to enhance the performance of the condition

Yes, time to move from the beautiful Hawaiian Islands; unfortunately, it is too expensive to live here. So it is back to SoCal. I lived in San Diego before, but I think Los Angeles offers more cultural things to do, and great restaurants. Thanks for the links, and Aloha for now.