Shunyata venom digital power cord

Is anyone using this in their system? If so, how does it sound?
I borrowed some of those from a friend. Its a decent cable. If you are willing to look at something else, try a JPS Labs Digital AC-X. Its a much better cable.
Hi Baxman

What cable are you starting with on your sources? I have the Shunyata Venom 3S on my Jolida Tube DAC 2 and I didn't really notice a difference in sound in my system. It may be due to the cable I was starting out with. I still had a quiet background with the Shunyata Venom 3s in place. Before the 3S I had a 12AWG OFC copper Atlona Power Cord that I was using on the Jolida DAC 2. I replaced that with the Shunyata Venom 3S as it was A LOT more flexible and not as heavy as the Atlona.

If you have an 18 AWG or 16 AWG stock power cord for your DAC I would opt for the Shunyata Venom 3S.
Digital Venom Power Cord sounds CREEPY.
At that price point, look into the Voodoo PC and they are very good...
I've tried the Venom's and Venom 3S's on various components. They are OK at best. Near their price point I liked some of the Pangea's as well or better (AC14SE and especially the new AC14XL) or the PS Audio AC3.
I'll have to put JPS labs and Voodoo on my short list. I'm really curious about the Venom Digital though.
I have the new Venom digital and it is a superb PC. I also
have the Venom 3's (subs) and Venom 3 HC's on my amp &
Shunyata PS8, and they really opened up my entire system as a
whole, and it is super quite at the same time. I think they
are all excellent PC's!!
I've never seen digital powercords. Do they have built-in processor or any IC circuitry?
Shunyata do a digital version for each step in their cable line. A Venom Digital, a Viper Digital e.t.c

It's possible the only distinction between the Digital and Amp variants is the wire gauge size.

Anyway I am interested to try them, they have some scope shots showing a cleaner AC wave form using their higher end cables, and they have patents pending on a unique dielectric polarity technology that apparently is what gives them and edge.

Im considering the Shunyata Digital PC too. Can you give me a little more insight as to how they impacted your system? What were you using? Did you compare them with anything else?
I just installed the Venom Digital power cord on my PS Audio Perfect wave DAC and it sounds really good. About 200 hrs on it and I have heard that it will "settle in" with even more hours on it.
I had a Shunyata VTX ( popular a couple years ago ) on it previously which sounded good too. But with the new one, there was a noticeable improvement. A "clearer" sounding midrange and top end. It was like going from a small amp to a higher power amp, not in volume but just the sound or more clean power if that makes since. Ironically I had started with a Transparent Ref power cord. A much more expensive cord and a very fine one but.... it sounded weird on the DAC. The image just seemed lost.

All this to say that, unfortunately cables do make a difference, and certain ones are better matches with certain systems.

I have Mac 402 power amp and Wilson WP6