Shunyata Venom 3 vs. Morrow MAP1/2

I currently use Shunyata Venom 3S (source version) cables for my headphone electronics (dac and HP amp). They certainly made a nice difference.

However, I'm in the research phase of a speaker system, and wonder what/if any differences there would be between a Venom 3 and a Morrow MAP1 or MAP2.

Also, would 15AWG suffice for an integrated amp rated at around 100wpc, or would 12AWG be required for optimal performance?

I the same curiosity recently and wanted to try one of Morrows powercables to see if the bought the same benefits to my gear the MA3&MA4 xlr's and SP3 biwires did, I purchased an MAP2 1.5 meter and replaced the PS Audio AC3 or AC5 I would run on my Marantz 8801 pre/processor. As a side note I have all PS Audio from the AC12, AC10 AC5 and Ac3 throughout. Now the first thing I noticed on the MAP2 is that it indeed lowered the noise floor and gave the Morrow signature sonic trait of tonality and deep wide soundstage while keeping a nice pace and rhythm to the music. I have a few more weeks to decide and at this point I'm keeping it and considering the MAP3!

If you do decide to give one a try post your findings as I had the Venom 3 on the list to try as well as a Wire World.