Shunyata Venom 3 question

Hi folks,
I'm debating buying some Shunyata Venom 3's.
My question is will they work with my system. (I apologize if this is stupid...I'm new at this power cable thing.)

The power source is a Furman Reference 15i power conditioner; my amps are older Arcam Alpha 9's; I already hear a big difference with the Furman. The system sounds great.

The Shunyata has a 15amp IEC connection; I have no idea what that means; looking at pictures, it appears the connectors would work with my gear; does this 15 amp specification complicate things with my Furman?

Thanks in advance for your help,
15 amp IEC connection is your typical power cord and it will work. The 20 amp IEC connection is configured differenly and looks different. The purpose is to assure that you are using a 20 amp circuit breaker. If you Google it you will see the difference by looking at pictures posted.
Also make sure you know the Venom "S" is for source components.

Also, Anticables has a full range of PCs whichare new on the market and affrdable. Check them out too.
Thanks for your responses; Tbromgard....yes, I do know about the Venom "S"; I'm considering buying two for my CD players; the other Venoms will work with my amps.

Thanks for the heads-up about Anti Cables; checking out their site now.

The 15a iec plug looks like the connector that would plug into a computer, or most audio gear. 20a plus have horizontal plugs for amps or power conditioners with higher amp ratings, and are not backwards compatible with 15a connectors.

Tried all three of the venom cables (the s, regular, and hc), and the last two are the winners. If you can stretch to the hc model for the amp, it'll make a difference. The s model is ok, but I ended up trading them out for the regular venom on my pre and fax. Fuller, more balanced sound.