Shunyata V-Ray vs Audience AR

Somewhat different design. Does it come down to "you're a Shunyata guy or an Audience guy". I am considering a passive device removing my PS Audio Powe Plant Premier from my system. Can no longer handle the heat and fan noise.
Do not really need more than 6 outlets but 8 would do.
There are a few for sale here on the Gon. Not quite sure which way to go.
Help please.
All electronics are ARC Reference. No digital in my system. All analog.
I currently have Shunyata (not V-Ray), Audience Adept Response -12 and previously had PPP in a reference level system. Shunyata and Audience gear are both excellent and I could easily live with either, however, to my ears the Adept Response has a blacker sound floor, allows every detail and nuance and is not current limiting-excellent.
Good luck with your search.
I take it that you like the Audience Adept Response better than the PPP?
The Shunyata uses parallel devices to filer (vs. serial in PS Audio or Monster's conditioners albeit the PS Audio ones are much better).

The PPP isn't really a conditioner like the Shunyata; it is a AC regenerator that is 85% efficent which ties to its 1500 watt capability (1750 watts on a 15 amp line). Passive conditoning devices like the Shunyata that use parallel condtioners aren't as pone to current limiting since they filter at much higher frequencies that serial devices which is why many find them them to 'sound' better and why they aren't prone to current limitations.

The PPP is really for a mid sized system. If you have two big amps or one really powerful one, you could require two of them.

I have 2 rather large amps and with all the source and equipment and TV pluggged into it, it was too muc for the PPP. the fans will come on too often. When it has reached oever it limit it will show the input and output voltage to be the same as it defaults to pulling power directly from the wall.

I 'sovled' this issue by buying a Duet and plugging my surrounds/back amp and TV and cable box into the Duet. The PPP sounded much better and the fans never come on anymore.

It is a good AC regenerator with some nano crystal higher end filters but limited in how much you can expect to draw from it. You can definetly tell a difference when you reduce the load on it as the music opens up much more and doesn't sound compressed.