Shunyata V-Ray and High Fidelity MC-0.5's

Thought I would post my observations on using the MC-0.5's plugged into the back of a Shunyata Hydra V-Ray. When I added the initial 2 units, it was easy to hear the overall improvement these things make. A few weeks later, I added 2 more and like many other posts say - everything improved again. OK, now I'm hooked! I'm trying not to think about the cost of these as I add 2 every couple weeks. The 401k is going to suffer!

One caveat I waited for the system to adjust to these over 35 hours (as recommended by HF, although not the exact hrs.) my soundstage size and width never returned while these were plugged into the Shunyata. Other than that, everything else was superbly better. At 50 hours, I unplugged all 4 units and the larger soundstage returned. I have 2 dedicated audio system circuits and rearranged the plugs to allow for parallel installation of the MC-0.5's. Bingo! Now the improvements are there and the system sounds spectacular! 

I've read some other posts saying parallel installation is the optimal and it certainly was for my installation. I assume it could be for other AC conditioners as well.
Hi tgun5, Thanks for sharing your experience and wisdom on placement of the HF MC-0.5s.

I bought three a few weeks ago and after reading posts from users and talking to a few, I simply plugged them into the other outlet of my primary receptable feeding my Powercell 10 UEF SE (feeding the rest of my equipment) using a $5 Stanley tri-plug "glob" from Amazon to configure the three MC-0.5s. Is this what you mean by "parallel installation"?

If so, I agree that this configuration yields nice gains in soundstaging, depth, and air within the performance.

The MC-0.05s take a while to impart their magic on the electrical line and seem to be sensitive to being disturbed once installed FWIW.


Yes. That's what I meant. Once moved, I noticed they need to settle down as you say. I had some weird bass loss during the first 15 minutes that straightened out after a few CD's.