Shunyata V Ray

Anyone own one of these? If so how does it compare to the Hydra 8?
new HYDRA «V RAY»,any listening ?
Anybody had listened to the new HYDRA V RAY at an MSRP of 4000$ ?
I saw it on music direct an it is suppose to be an improvement over the former HYDRA 8...
Any comment about this new line conditioner...
Roccl007 (Threads | Answers)

I already upgraded from the HYDRA 8. After 2 weeks I feel my system's noise floor has again been lowered and the bass is tighter. Imaging is also more focused. It basically took what the HYDRA 8 was doing to the next level.
OK, They almost doubled the price on this unit. My question to Analogtroll. Was it worth it?

What is the percentage improvement on this piece?
At this point there is no way I can improve my system by 100%. That being said, the system is more quiet and the sound stage more defined. I guess there is 20 to 25 % improvemet in those areas. With the law of diminishing returns, I think that's pretty good.
I just replaced my Hydra-8 by the Hydra V-Ray. My immediate impressions are,
same as those of analogtroll, though I will venture to say that I feel improvement of around 35%. Maybe my power supply is lot more dirtier and V-Ray turns out to be more effective in this case.

Analogtroll: Any experience with the breakin/runin of the unit.
This is a really beautiful power supply. Now, I have to figure out if I can afford it?
Yes, the V-Ray really has a break in period. My soundstage is the deepest and most focused it has ever been. The amount of nuances and micro details I am hearing from my familiar recordings is also improved. This upgrade was very much worth it for me.
Does anyone also compare Hydra 8 + Python Alpha vs Hydra V Ray + Voodoo? I mean to compare the price/performance.

The huge difference is in the power conditioner's. The power cord difference isn't as noticeable.
I had the Shunyata Hydra 8 for 4 weeks while I was waiting for the V-ray to arrive from US and I was very impressed the first time I tried, the sound was more evolving, detail and natural but I have to recalibrate my rel strata III the bass was lowered once I received the new V-Ray all the benefits from the Hydra were improved noticeable and the bass came alive. Personally I have found that every review about the V-Ray explain with details the benefits of this power conditioner with no exagerations. I also have a JVC Ultra Slim 65" HDTV and the image never have been better even after calibration.