Shunyata Triton can stabilize voltage??

As title. Thanks.
Not sure about stabilizing voltage, but it will stabilize your bank account at a level $5,000 less than it was.

Snake oil, and damned expensive snake oil at that...

No, it can't. You need a PurePower, Accuphase PS, PS Audio Power Plant or similar.
Hi, i wish product bashing wouldn't happen.

Lot's of folks love Shunyata products, I own a Triton and it's a wonderful addition to fantastic sound in my system.

I do not think it's a voltage stabilizer, it's not designed to do that...
I couldn't agree more. If you have owned a product or have some experience of it , any comment/opinion has some basis ,OTW its a lot of baloney.
The Triton is a power conditioner not a voltage stabiliser. It has a breaker switch which I think provides surge protection. If you are looking to lower the noise floor in a high quality system, highly recommended.