Shunyata taipan or Python, for BAT?

Hello all,

Who would have thunk it. Power cords do make a difference? Well, there's no mistaking it. They do. Geeez!
I'm looking for a PC to add to my vk500, Sony SCD xa 777, primarily. ...perhaps the VK5i too. With such a great influence of Shunyata power cords present here I thought to inquire as to 'which' cord for what will give the best bang for the buck, and/or just the best fit. Regardless... in the shunyata line, that is...

Having just tried/trying the following:
Kimber PK10 (preamp) - VERY GOOD
JPS Dig AC - (CD) not bad, at this price, pretty good, but a tad restrictive in attack and decay.
PAD Venusta - (CD & pre)fair only due to price.. but good sounding, simply not what I want in this price range, eSpecially.
Audience - (CD & pre) a nice cord. though a bit lacking overall but given the price, a better value than the PAD WHICH COSTS TWICE AS MUCH. wORKED BETTER ON THE cd THAN THE PREAMP..

I've recently been told a good fit would be this way:
VX on the CD, either Taipan or Python. Alpha on the vk500, either Taipan or Python again. Oddly enough a far leser model on the VK5i, like a Copperhead or Diamondback...

Sounded a bit odd given the threads here regailing such lofty additions of high end PC's to the preamps in so many other systems...

... so what for what, sportsfans? Is the additional price of Python over Taipan equate to better overall? or just where is the P.O.D.R.? (point of diminishing returns)....

I really appreciate the help... thanks a lot.
I love powercords and have tried many cords over the last four years: Electraglide, Elrod, Shunyata mainly. Now I use all the above in my system. Ana. Vx on cdp, Epiphany on Pre and Elrods on amps and conditioner. What I have learned is adding cords are like adding spices to your food. They definitely improve your components/system! However, you must know where to put what so you would improve from your weakness. For example, if your system needs to be quieter, then use the Vx on your cdp but you need more dynamics then go w/ the Taipan. The more expensive models are like fine wine. They do get better but only if your system allows you to hear it. Occasionally you might get lucky and spend only $300 and get a huge improvement over $1000 powercords.
I suggest you try something that fits your system's budget and improve from there whenever your can.
Hey Blindjim, try out the REF-1s from Don at DCCA Audio. The REF-1s were voiced using his VK-500, and I also heard them on a friend's VK-500 and the results were nothing short of stunning. If I didn't hear it myself, I wouldn't have believed the spectacular changes that these power cords brought on.

He has a return policy (I'm trying out a few), and for your VK-500, imo, they are a "must have"....They just may make you forget the name brand uber-expensive power cords that are out there.

Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with DCCA, just a satisfied customer.
Call John @ Audio Elation 406-273-7940. He carries BAT and Shunyata and you likely help you.
Budget? I was supposed to have a budget? Teh Audiofool is always the last to know...

Gee I ain't sure but I don't think I need noiise reduction. Dynamics are good. Sound stage is wall to wall and as deep as the walls permit... I just want to add to waht I have already. texture comes to mind. My recent efforts in this area proved once and for all the need forr an after market cord...

Elrod and Electra Glide have both been mentioned oddly enough to be by several people ove the last couple days..and they get a lot of press in the threads...

I need bottom end improvement, for sure. Better weight in the images. Layering could improve but is good now. Mids are great. I actually wouldn't mind the top end rolling off some... perhaps less extension or just smoothed out more... like waht I got from the Phase techs... give me that -- I'm a happy camper... for about six more moths or so. I'm building some room treatments and that'll help a good bit... "smooth reality". I'll take that.

how do Elrods and Electra glides compare now that they've benn brought up to the taipan/Python? same money? less? better sonics?
Hi jim,
the only way your going to know is trying them in your system, - the spice analogy was spot on. Get them on a try/return basis & make sure they are burnt in.
They make more differnce than components and when u change components, you'll have to go thru the same s--t again.
Sod it, I'm going fishing.
I tried a Taipan on BATs VK300XSE & then on some front end components. I never found the Taipan to be an improvement over a stock cord and when I could detect a difference it seemed to add an edge (increase listening fatigue) to the high frequencies. FWIW.
I own an Epiphany cord which I use on a Hydra 2 conditioner, which has powered both my amps and digital front end. It is quiet, extended, dynamic and pretty even across the frequency spectrum. Certainly not bassy in my system.

I have been told by a dealer for both Electraglide and Elrod that the Elrod cords add weight, and that sounds like what you want. Therefore, you might consider an Elrod first before an Electraglide.
I have all BAT gear. vkp5, 31se, vk-250. Been through all the Shunyata cords and in each price point they are very good. When I went from Taipan to Python Alpha there was a big change. All the gear benefited from the Python. More coherent, more depth, a better sense of space, more neutral. The contruction of the Python precludes the need for heavy insulation which gives it the qualities I mentioned. The Taipan is a great cord and may initally seem more punchy and detailed but the Python has it all with a greater sense of ease.
Hi there,
Rello, I wondered if you went from a Taipan Alpha or an old model Taipan to the Python Alpha ?- I agree fully with your description but find the Taipan Alpha an altogether better cord than the original Taipan.
I use a Taipan Vx (on cd player)at the moment and prefer this to the original Python but it is not universal and imo only works on digital. The old Python gave great results on most components.
I will get around to the newer Pythons yet, no doubt.
I switched from a Taipan Alpha to a Python Alpha
just for closure... I wound up with two gold Dragons III on the amp itself. Also got an Erod sig 3 to run them via a UPC 200 or Duet. since then I've found the Elrod best suited to use on the vk5i preamp, either as supply for the Taipan helix Alpha & Duet, or just at the preamp itself with the taipan helix Alpha as the supply.

in fact having tried both previous Taipans, and now the Helix's.... I have to say the Taipan helix Alpha, is one of, if not THE fav of my PCs. it introduces such a sweetness to the timber of the music that I find a place for it always... or until I find a beter one. it's quite the cord.

The Elrod Sig 3 doesn't seem to ADD weight in my rig. Rather it firms up the tonal elements. tighter. More distinct. In fact at firstt I thought I had compromised the bottom end by some fair margin. it simply got put on a diet. Same extension, just more well resolved and seemingly, less prominent.

the Elrod is on the pre now as I've a tesla 2 on the UPC200 supplying both Golds on the BAT vk500 amp. this combo seems best for tonality, SS layering, and resolution which picked up significantly with the addition of the Tesla 2. significantly.
Although this is a bit off topic.
Without breaking your bank on Hi end powercords, try putting a Symposium Rollerblock series under your Sony SCD player. It made a huge difference in my friend's player.
Nolitan thanks... I've done something along that line by using the herbie's 'iso cups' w/ebony balls. They sure did a bundch for the sonics, all by themselves, including driving me nuts trying to figure out just where to place them... Geeesh.

I've heard much about the Symp stuff and know it's another form of iso that likely yields different sonics... I'm thinking to add a Neuance platform (which I'm way behind schedule on doing), but after I make a rack worth putting it all onto, I'll reconsider them.

The rack decision is being held up as is the Neuance item for logistical reasons. I'm on the fence about moving the gear into the same room as the loudspeakers... it isn't right now. I use an infa red repeater to adjust the vol and change tracks/stations. That's gonna be a major move as I'd need move the dedicated ckts too... and I myself might have to move this year. Consequently, the big moves are on hold.

I'll surely keep the roller blocks in mind, however. I liked the Herbie's iso cups influence so much that I got a second set for the preamp. $60 is a far cry from $300 - $400 though, and have been the best overall performer in terms of iso-ing I've yet tried. Thanks.