Shunyata, Syn Research, Elrod or Custom Power?

I have a Audionet CD-transport, a Chord DAC-64, a McIntosh C200 preamp, and a MC402 power amp. Interconnects and speaker cables are all LAT International, which I am happy with. On the CD-transport and DAC, I use Shunyata Sidewinder and Black Mamba, respectively. On the Mcs, I have HMS and LAT power cords, which are clearly not in the league of the Black Mamba. I want to upgrade and was looking into Shunyata again. However, Robert Stein from the Cable Company told me that, according to their customer feedback, Shunyata is no good with McIntosh solid state, only with their tube amps. The best match for McIntosh solid state amps was Synergistic Research or Custom Power Cord Company. Has anybody tried Shunyata, Synergistic Research, Custom Power Cord Company or Elrod on Macs, or can give me other advice? I was planning to spend 5-700 dollars on each cord, looking out for used ones.
I use Virtual Image PC's, both Pile Driver and Sledgehammer. When I first started upgrading power cables, I ran across a review that stated the Ensemble Mega Powerflux PC's out performed the Shunyata King Cobra. So, I bought Ensemble PC's. Then a friend told me of a little known company out of New Jersey called Virtual Image. So, I called Al, owner of V.I., and purchased one of his Sledgehammer cables, and found that is flat out smoked the Ensemble cables. After outfitting my system with Sledgehammers, he developed the Pile Drivers. When I recieved my first Pile Driver, even my wife went "WOW". If you would be interested in trying these cables, you can e-mail V.I. at . V.I. does not have a web site, but if I can be of any help, please feel free to e-mail me. Zach