Shunyata stupid question

I noticed that most of the Shunyata PC's have a 20 amp PC connection in the back. Does that mean the Shunyata conditioners will not work on a 15 amp line?
There is a different female end on the cable that is not the same as the 15 amp female end. You will need to find out which end you have on your gear.

Now don't you feel stupid!
The Shunyata Hydras require a 20 amp power cord. The end that plugs into the Hydra itself is different then a standard 15 amp connection. However the end that plugs into your wall socket is the standard 3 prong connection that most gear has. It is fine to run it into a standard 15 amp line.

Shunyata also makes 15 amp versions of their PC's for those that want to run them on their amps, preamps, cd players, etc. Almost all equipment...with the exception of some older Krell amps use 15 amp connectors on back. Again the end that plugs into your wall will be the same regardless.
Simply put, the Hydras use a 20 amp IEC input (horizontal pins instead of the vertical 15 amp variety) because the 20 amp connection is more secure and less prone to pull loose if jostled. There is no over or under limitation between any Hydra and a 15 amp panel breaker. The Hydra 4, 6 and 8 models will not exceed 20 amps of service because of the 20 amp rated electromagnetic Carling breaker, which will trip when the 20 amp threshold is crossed. Musical Fidelity, Krell, Chord and a few other manufacturers also use 20 amp input connectors for similar reasons.

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