Shunyata Snakebite

Anyone tried the new budget Shunyata Snakebite power cable? I was looking at getting a PS Audio Prelude to try out on my phono pre, but saw this come up at the same price. Any comments appreciated.


O.K. I've ordered up a Snakebite even though I had no responses to my post. I now feel it is my duty to let everyone know how this baby stacks up to other cables. So if anyone has any other cool cables please send them to me so I can do some comparisons. No need to thank me for this selfless act, it's just in my giving nature. :-)

Ordered one myself, but havent gotten it yet
Any info on how it compares with the Diamondback?

There is no new "snakebite" PC. The snakebite refers to the special Fatwyre is running on Diamondback PC's. They call it their "snakebite special".

Music Direct is selling it as limited run, slightly different than the Diamondback.
When I talked to Music Direct he did indeed say that it was different than the Diamondback. FWIW he said that the Diamondback would be quieter. This will be my first aftermarket PC so will post my findings comparing it to the stock POS cable when I get the Snakebite

The Cable Company is via their ad claiming it to be the original Diamondback that sold for $179. I had ordered the cable based on this but in reading the post here it seems it is in fact not a Diamondback but what is being called the "Snake-Bite". The cable company is calling their so called "Diamondback special" the "Snake-Bite special". I looked at the cable, it does not say Diamondback on it. Somewhat misleading I would say.

It would appear that you have been "snakebit". Sorry, but I just couldn't resist.... ;-)
I suppose in any case, if the cable was a good deal, and it is meeting your needs, it doesn't really matter.

I ordered one from with the understanding it was an old Diamondback. I have had it in my system for about a week now running from a PS Audio Ultimate outlet to a Juice Bar. It was an improvement over the standard black cord that I had before. It was a little bright and harsh sounding at first but it as mellowed out and has continued to get better sounding throughout the week. I don't have an actual Diamondback to compair it to but I don't think I got ripped off. Just a little mislead.

Just a follow-up,

The word is that Shunyata found an old roll of the original Diamondback cord and decided to offer it on a limited basis, with enhanced connectors. So, in fairness to The Cable Company, who advertises it as the "original" Diamondback, they did not mislead in their advertisement.

To clear things up, the limited-production 'Snakebite uses the original DiamondBack wire--that had been on hand for special lengths of the original model, with the tinned-copper foil shield and clear sleeve.

The difference between the 'Snake-bite and current production DiamondBacks are two-fold. One, there is a second, tinned copper braided shield on current production DiamondBacks, and Two, the 'Snake-bite does not have the premium silver/rhodium/Gold(male) contact plating on its connectors. These differences determined the lower price of the 'SnakeBite.

Hope this helps clear up any confusion.

Thank you for clearing this up!

I slipped three of these snakebite cords into my system after owning just one basic after market powercord (on the CD player). When I got to this last cord and slipped the 3rd snakebite into the CD player there was a significant degrade in the sound quality. It was like everything slowed down by a few nanoseconds and the music was having to push through syrup to get out the speakers. So, I left the system on and alone for a 24 hours and crossed my fingers. Now I've got a quieter noise floor with smoother more natural sounding vocals and music. Very nice, definite improvement, and it seems to continue to improve as it settles in. If this is what a basic power cord does, makes me wonder about what the big ones can do.
I have a snake bite and it has been a welcome addition to my system. Started out a little dark, after about a week it just opened up. Not to bright, doesn't draw attention to itself, just provides a clearer window into a performance. The snake bite is connected to my Linn Kairn preamp into an ultimate outlet into a dedicated 20 amp line.