Shunyata Sigma Analog vs Alpha Analog - Need advice!!

I have a chance to buy these PC for my ARC Ref 6 now:

Shunyata Sigma Analog 20A (100% brand new) = USD 1800

Shunyata Alpha Analog 20A (2nd hand) = USD 645

I have never compare these cables side by side or listen to it before, but I heard about many good things about Shunyata , especially how good it is to work with ARC amp. Since Sigma Analog are much more expensive than Alpha Analog, does anybody has experience to compare with them?  Does  Sigma Analog much better than  Alpha Analog and worth to take it at $1800 ? This amount is expensive  for me, I need to make my decision very careful.                                         

PS:  I'm using a Furutech DPS-4 PC for my Ref 6 now (with Shunyata 15A to 20A IEC converter) , I'm afraid if I choose  Alpha Analog but the sound quality is much different with my  Furutech then I will be regret why not to take Sigma  Analog....Anybody can give me some advice or suggest? THX

I have both. I like the Alpha analog, although it seems to have a slight dip in the upper bass/lower midrange. The Sigma does not have that dip.

As to whether or not it’s worth it, what is the rest of your system? I think it’s great to have good cords, but sometimes the cord is SO good, you won’t hear everything it can do if the rest of your system doesn’t allow it. You might hear 75% of what it can do and not miss the other 25% until you get something that can "show off" that other 25%. So, if you believe you have a good system (I don’t mean $100K: the Shunyata will acquit itself just fine on at $15K system), get the Sigma. It’s just that you know it has more in store for you later). If you have a "good enough" system, get the Alpha Analog. They’re both excellent. Shunyata itself has said that the only cord better than the Alpha HC is the Sigma HC, so they don’t believe the Sigma Analog surpasses the Alpha HC, although clearly the Sigma Analog is price at twice the price of the Alpha. I’ve played everything on my Schiit Yggdrasil, and the Sigma delivered more of the music.
One other thing: I have found the Furutech sound to be extremely "clean," to the point of "antiseptic." That may not be the case with all their products. I lived with the GTX-D gold and then the  GTX-D Rhodium. The Rhodium was a bit "bleached out." I should have heard that with the gold, but unfortunately the timing was bad, and I didn't listen as carefully. But I did - later, years later - but their fuses and found them, too, a bit "antiseptic." Not a criticism, it just means a very clean - but lean - sound, in my components.  If that is so, combined with the Alpha may push your system even further in that direction. The Sigma has a full palette of colors.
Had you not considered the Alpha NR, which is from the new line, and is $1500? I'm quite impressed with the newer line, maybe even more than with the regular Sigma, although I only have Delta NRs. I imagine the Alpha NR is in the sweet spot, and the newer cables are very "musical" (and not in a euphonic way: they simply sound more like live instruments).

I have found the Furutech sound to be extremely "clean," to the point of "antiseptic." That may not be the case with all their products. I lived with the GTX-D gold and then the  GTX-D Rhodium. The Rhodium was a bit "bleached out." I should have heard that with the gold

@gbmcleod  i am currently using the GTX-D Gold. I find it drier than say the Maestro outlet I am also using which sounds wetter but I wouldn't say it was bleached out.

What outlets have you switched to?

Hi Gbmcleod

Thanks for information and advice.  I just bought a brand new Sigma Analog PC, and I will test it tomorrow.  BTW, I'm using these equipments:

Esoteric K-03X CD & SACD Player
Lumin S-1 Network player with DAC
Audio Research Ref 6 pre-amp
Electrocompaniet AW-180 Mono-Block amp
Wilson Audio Sophia 3 speaker
Audience aR6-TSS Power Conditioner
Furutech GTX-D (R) Receptacles
@mm622 looks like a very nice system you posted above :-)
Please let us know how the Sigma Analog PC works with your Ref 6.
I'd also like to know how it compares to your Furutech DPS-4.
What is it that you didn't care for about the DPS-4, or were you questioning the use of the 14 to 20 amp IEC converter?
@gbmcleod   Great points in your post! Thanks.
I've compared these 3 x PC yesterday: 

Shunyata Sigma Analog
Furutech DPS-4 (with a Shunyata 15A to 20A IEC converter)
Ref 6 original PC

For sure, Sigma Analog sound best among these three cables, it produce more bass, the bass is more solid and tight.  The sound is more transparency, more details, better analytical and more thicker sound than other two cables. Also it has better textile and 3 D sound stage.

The Furutech DPS-4 is not bad, if I give Sigma a full score of 10, then I will give DPS-4 8.5. But remember the cost of this cable is about USD 465 only, it really worth for money to try.

I really surprise the performance of Re 6 PC, which is come with the per-amp, but sound nice.  Maybe I will give it a score of 7 .5 to 8.

Since the Sigma Analog is completely new, I think the sound should be better after running 200 hours.  In general, I'm happy with the result.
Get sigma analog or newest alpha or sigma NR. It will be worth it.
Mikey, I believe I said the old Furutech RHODIUM version was more bleached out, not the Gold. As for outlets? Ps Audio Power Ports, and PS Audio PPP; Synergistic Tesla Plex, and then The Synergistic Tesla Plex SE version; Oyaide R1, and some other Oyaide unit; FIM 880s; Furutech NCFs; Maestro.

And I'm not finding myself overwhelmed by the Maestro. It has a nice sound, but it pushes the entire presentation backwards - on ALL CDs, even if they were recorded closeup (e.g. Mercury Living Presence).  Musically, it sounds just a little bit "off" to my ears, as in not-the-ultimate-in-musicality. I use it, but I've switched out the FIM 880s several times. The Maestro compensates for other components, from what my ears tell me.