Shunyata SCs/ICs

Anyone running Shunyata cables aside from their power cords? Looking at Venom or the Delta V2 SC/IC if anyone has experience with these.
Yes, I have the Alpha v2 XLR ICs and speaker cables. Traditionally, Shunyata's forte has been power (power cords & power distributors), but in my opinion, the v2 version of speaker cables are outstanding. VTX-Ag on speaker cables for v2 makes a very nice difference.

They have also come a long on way in digital cables.
I own the Shunyata Sigma V2 interconnects.

Come on Ozzy, don’t leave me hanging
They are very impressive. Best I have tried to date.
As soon as I connected them there was a deep immersive soundstage. A very satisfying sound. They are pricey but boy do I love the sound.

I was hoping it wouldn’t be that good, lol. Well, that’s what 4 grand gets you I guess.
Just start selling all the other cables, etc. that you have in your audio closet. That’s how I did it.
It is hard to believe that an interconnect can change the sonic landscape so much.

CD4513  4K ic wow it better perform.
I actually needed a 3M XLR cable so even more $$$!
But with my Lumin X1 now going direct to my amps, I was able to sell off my Ayre preamp and those extra cables i.e. power cord, interconnect, footers.
I was lucky that my dealer let me try both the Sigma V1 and the V2 versions. Both sounding 
Its all about the sound, when I heard the improvement that the Sigma V2 made I had to have it...

The biggest soundstage I heard from Interconnect is Audioquest  xlr diamond, the layering of this ic is also amazing, you can almost see the instruments placements on the stage. I wonder what is now the equivalent On Audioquest new model.