shunyata research vs audience adept

Anyone have experience in comparing the Shunyata hydra 6 vs the Auduence AR6 power conditioners?I have heard both are quite good-any advantage of one over the other?
Plugged into the unit would be amp--preamp----dac---and cd
and 2 subs
Tell me more about the SR Tesla PowerCell 10SE, Hifimaniac.
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If you can afford it and want the best the Tripoint Audio ORION and SPARTAN are the best. The Synergistic Research Tesla Powercell 10SE is child's play in comparison.
Jafant, the Tesla Powercell makes the soundstage come alive and more 3D. The noise floor is lowered allowing more detail and fullness of the notes to pass through without sounding analytical. I can't think of anything it does wrong. It doesn't protect equipment like the audience in case of a spike, but I am not worried about that. Everyone friend who has tried the Powercell has purchased one. Add the Galileo speaker cells and it gets even better. This is by far the best tweak I have ever added. If it's child's play, so be it, it sounds awesome.
I've heard both. I have and love shunyata. Can't afford the audience.