Shunyata Research Sigma HC

We added them to our Bricasti M28s and oh boy...what a treat.
They earned an Editors Choice Award and were also named AC Power Cord of the Year in the newest issue of The Absolute Sound. Anyone tried one on a Bryston BDP-2 yet?
....see, and who said those advertising dollars don't pay off !  
:-) Well it certainly isn't only The Absolute Sound who feels that way.
very well received and reviewed in general. Check out the newest video out there on YouTube about Abbott Northwestern Hospital here in Minnesota utilizing Shunyata Research products in the Heart Lab. Let us know what you think after you try them and compare in your system.

The Sigma HCs are the real deal. I bought 1 and quickly turned around and bought 2 more. The Sigma HC from my amp (ARC Ref 150 w KT 150s) to my wall outlet made a upgraded component-type difference.