Shunyata " Copperhead " ........user's feedback

Anyone use the Copperhead and what did you think . I generally worry that companies put there best in their top of the line product ( MONEY IS NO OBJECT ) and then there lower product is just riding on there name . Any feedback appreciated , thank you.....
Should mention im looking at one for my Krell 400xi. The copperhead is suppose to be built for current hungry applicatios such as amps , where the diamondback is more line level such as cd players , pre amps and so on. So i figured the copperhead would be a great match for my Krell 400xi , later i will go after the diamond back for my CD player and DVD player ( both Krell ). Thanks
I used to have a pair of copperheads, a pair of diamondbacks, still have a Shunyata Python and Tiapan VX. My favorite power cord however is the Audience powerchord. I prefer it over the shunyata, it is a little more than the copperhead but well worth it. I do think that the copperhead is nice, a very nice step up from stock. I think that the Audience is exceptional. Give it a look as well.
You are certainly correct in your thinking -- a diamondback is a great low cost match for source components. The copperhead is a good start for your integrated, but consider the Taipan too. The new Helix series Taipan provides big dynamics, and really cleans the bass/midbass band up helping with any hump you might have there. Also, consider purchasing one of Shunyatas power conditioners -- the effect of their power cables is truly apparent once you have a Hydra in your system too. It really depends on how much you want to squeeze out of your system & how much you're willing to spend to get there...
Go with the Taipan Alpha instead. Better overall, although the copperhead is not a bad cable, it'll make you curious how the Taipan sounds.
the copperhead is an great little using with an i3 and one 20amp to hydra 2.jalapenos is right that in conjuntion with hydra really ups the ante.i found the noise floor lowered,tighter bass,more dynamics,subtlties told me to put better cable on cd player.therfore i had copper on cd player and diamondback on amp.shunyata said switch!showed me what a difference the copperhead made.great place to start...imho!
Thanks for the responses.

I have had the Shunyata Copperhead for a couple of days now. I have been out of audio for about 5yrs now and just getting back into it . I am by no means an audiophile with golden ears , but i like having nice stuff . I just bought my Krell 400xi and like i said starting to get back into it. I use to have as part of my set up a Krell KSA300S (Big amp) and when i bought it they recommended a power cable as part of the deal . I dont know the brand of cable but it is very nice and well built , it was a used cable but was expensive . I planned on using it with my new Krell 400xi but snooping around different website's i ran across the company "Shunyata" . I did alot of reading and was impressed with reviews by consumers and endorsements by some huge name studio's . So curiousity got the best of me and wanted to try the product , again im not a big audiophile but wanting nice stuff i ordered the Copperhead. After all i can sell it if i dont like it , i would lose a couple of bucks but gain some knowledge and thats worth something . Money is an issue right now so i started with there lower tier line , they recommend the Copperhead for high current amps . I have had the power cable for a couple of days and have demo'd it against my previous cable. The difference to me was this , the Shunyata Copperhead seemed tighter, smoother and less noise . I was very impressed initially with the build quality, and now hearing a differance, makes the purchase complete. This is not much of a review , but it is my finding from a guy that likes nice stuff . Thanks to the folks at Shunyata. Take care........Mike
Hey Scully. Welcome back to Audiophiledom. Enjoy your music.
Audphile is right. The Taipan Alpha is better. I really like mine. I let a friend of mine use my Taipan Alpha and he sold his Copperhead and bought to TA's. The Copperhead is a great PC for the money no doubt.